Collegial hair

the hair style


This is my colleague Gill’s hairstyle today.  Classy.  Neat.  Effortless.  According to her.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Put your hair up in a high pony (make the lacky quite tight – my elastic broke on the third circuit)
  2. Make a hole in your hair between the elastic and your head and thread your pony through from back to front so that you end up with a weird backwards ponytail at the front.
  3. Pull tight
  4. Take the ponytail and roll it over front to back and tuck in the tail in the back.  You might need a pin.
  5. Voila!  Looking gorgeous.


me and my new style


me and my new style

Hello cocky!

Hmmm your hair is quite springy…

Maybe this is an end of the wash cycle hairdo for me?

Maybe the ponytail was too high?

Requires a little more work methinks.