From teeth to toe

So I took my daughter to get her tooth extracted yesterday. What a nasty process that is. The poor love had chipped one of her baby molars and an infection had developed so it had to come out. Hopefully it will spur her on to now brush her teeth more often although I’m not holding my breath. As we waited to pay the bill afterwards she asked me if she could have a (lolly) treat.

Ha ha ha ha ha. No way.

Then we went to the podiatrist to get her ingrown toenail sorted. She didn’t have a very good day.

Someone who did have a good day was Harry’s daughter – who received a BRILLIANT report card. Good on you girlfriend! As she once said to some toerags at school “I don’t care if you call me a geek – I’m going to end up with a decent job while you’re serving me fries!” (or something like that)

Tonight Groover has his bookclub meeting at our place which leaves me fancy free… hmmm decisions decisions decisions… I’m tempted to curl up in the granny flat with my West Wing Video collection and a cup of tea but maybe you have another suggestion? What I should be doing is writing my CV and job application which of course was lost when our computer crashed recently. Sigh.