Family Time

Family time can be fraught sometimes.  With the best of intentions things can go wrong. Take tonight for example.  We’re all tired. Groover does the cooking, which he enjoys and I appreciate because I’ve been doing kids sport from 7.30am to 3pm, and I’m weary.  He chooses to cook prawn and pea risotto.  Which is okay – a bit bland perhaps – certainly not a favourite.  He knows the kids hate it but he’s cooking so he gets to cook what he likes and they need to learn to try new things don’t they?

Well yeeees, I suppose so.  But why set the family up for such a fall? I could understand it if he was trying something new perhaps – or something yummy.  And why do it when everyone is so tired? 

It was like watching a road accident in slow motion.

And yes, everyone’s gone to bed hungry.

Meantime I’m waiting til everyone’s asleep before I hit the sack.