Drugs in Sport

Mike in a cute ski hatNote: The photos in this blog are completely unrelated to the text. But they are cute are they not?


Drugs in Sport.

Now I know this might be seen by some to be a controversial position to take but really can there be any other??

I think we may as well accept that there ARE drugs in sport, there have always BEEN drugs in sport, and no matter how much testing and sacking from teams and suspensions etc there is ALWAYS going to BE drugs in sport.

Lets get over it and say YES to drugs in sport. All of them. Yes even that nasty one that causes premature heart problems and young cyclists to die in bed at the age of 27. It is THEIR CHOICE.

Niece and UncleWhat? It’s not their choice? The pressure by the media, the public, their country, their coach, their parents removes that choice? Well just maybe if the drugs were legal there would be lots of independent information and research available so they (or their parents if they are underage) could make that choice.

Oh but it wouldn’t be fair on third world countries – I hear you cry. Oh come on! Is it fair that we can spend $34 million an athlete at the AIS and they can’t afford sandshoes and get their dental work done (for free) every four years at the Olympics??! Life isn’t fair and sport certainly isn’t. Anyway I’m sure the drug companies will try their drugs out on them first!!

Ah yes the drug companies… who is most advantaged by banning drugs in sport? Right. The pharmaceutical industry – which develops – on the quiet – hugely expensive illegal drugs at a premium and then no doubt supplies the medical world with the tests to prove they are used a year or two later… meaning of course that they have to come up with even more sneaky drugs at twice the cost etc etc. No one thinks pharmaceutical companies have a scrupulous bone in their corporate bodies do they?

Drugs in sport are inevitable and I think we should just accept it and save a heap of money currently spent on policing, investigating and prosecuting drug cheats. After all you are only a cheat IF you are caught!

Bring it on!

You agree with me don’t you??


First of all – I’ve finally put up ALL the Tasmania holiday photos… now just got to find my diary to finish that. And I’ve put up some video of our ski-trip – mostly of Imogen it has to be said. It will take you some time to download it.

This morning I used up my gift voucher from Sea Beauty in North Beach (Thanks Mads and Mark) and had a facial. It was a long process, nearly an hour and a half and included steaming, a massage and a mask – oh with a free eyebrow wax thrown in. Hmmmm well perhaps Natalie went a bit overboard with the eyebrow wax – no I’m not surprised – I just look it – but the facial bit was fabulous. I felt as if layers had been stripped away.

Afterward I visited with the senior Innes clan. Logan is certainly a bonny babe – and so big for 5 months – so cute! Mark’s coffee machine makes fantastic coffee – insist upon it if you visit and I’m hopeful Mark and Mads will soon be blogging away – won’t you!

While I was in the north, I went out to Pinnaroo to visit Harry. It is a lovely setting and the grave is marked with a beautiful plaque. I spent nearly an hour with him. It felt good to be there – in such a space. Cathartic as well. I can’t believe it’s taken me almost a year to make the journey. More layers stripped away.

And then in the afternoon I caught up with Mike. Back from Sydney and Melbourne and looking great! Hopefully he’ll send me the photos we took soon. He had a great trip but I’m glad he’s back – it feels weird, unsettling when the family is so scattered. Dad is back tonight I think. Hugo is back on Friday (yay!) and Mum in a couple of weeks.

Where do you sit?

I’ve discovered a fellow Archetreker who blogs! No surprises to discover it’s Doug Paice who is the major player on the Archetrek website. Anyway, I’ve made the trek to Baralong (his website) to discover something called the political compass. It turns out I’m up there with Ghandi, the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela as a libertarian left – although if you had asked me I would have placed myself right in the centre of left and right. I’d be interested where you sit!

So then I started surfing the web and discovered a colour test. It suggests a career as a flight attendant and tells me my favourite colour is red. Well I do like dark red.

Then I tested the movies that matched my colour signature: Blair Witch Project – Horror, Armageddon – Action & Adventure, American Pie – Comedy, As Good As It Gets – Comedy, American Beauty – Drama, American Pie 2 – Comedy, Apollo 13 – Drama, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me – Comedy, Blues Brothers – Comedy, Black Hawk Down – Action & Adventure.

Which leads me to the conclusion that this testing procedure is complete codswallop! I ask you – American Pie 2!!!!

But undeterred I found one more super-quick personality test. All you do is choose the image that most appeals to you: Choose an image.

Turns out I “love a free and spontaneous life. And [I] attempt to enjoy it to the fullest, in accordance with the motto: “You only live once.”

Sounds good to me!

Collapsing time

Today was an emotional day for many of us as we commemorated one year since Harry died. At the church I stood next to Janet as we listened to the priest say a prayer for Harry. Of course we didn’t understand a word as it was in high Greek but it was moving to see Harry’s photo on the table at the front of the church and to stand there with Janet and Harry’s family.

For me it was as if time had collapsed. I felt I was back in those horrible first days last year when we struggled to come to terms with the enormity of our loss.

Afterward we ate some traditional food, wheat and icing sugar which tasted okay. I’m a bit hazy on the significance of it though. Then it was downstairs where there was more food than you could reasonably imagine. Seeing all of Harry’s sisters and his mum, Anna, really took me back a year. It’s felt like a long 12 months, but in that moment I felt as if it was a day later. For Janet I can only imagine it is the same only more extreme. Like yesterday – like 10 years later.

Back at the house I was happy to do the womanly thing (yes, I know) and help out in the kitchen. Janet’s sister Margaret (Hi Margaret, how are you this morning?) and I got to work cutting potatoes and cooking. It was fun.

I caught up with Mrs Deeks, whose son Peter married Harry’s youngest sister. Mrs Deeks was a maths teacher at school – didn’t actually teach me as she taught the brainy maths but she pretended to remember me which was nice. I mean how could you remember everyone in the school!

It was a strange afternoon. Like and unlike the year before. It was nice to see the faces from last year and strange to think that a year had passed with a lot of significant events happening.

I felt privileged to be there. I really miss Harry.

My deepest fear

Imogen and I went to see Sleeping Beauty on Ice last night and while it is spectacular and amazing with brilliant costumes it was not what she was expecting – which was a play. Anyway I think she enjoyed coming out with me so that was good. I would advise anyone taking their young people to explain before you buy the tickets what sort of production they will see.

Hello Helen, thanks for your review in our reviews section… I love it that you have taken the time to type a – quite considered – review. Its such a wierd thing having a website – especially a personal one like this – not to know exactly who comes to visit so its nice when I see comments or guestbook entries or reviews. Feeds my queen! I don’t mean to be rude but… which Helen are you?? Drop me a personal message through the guestbook if you like… 🙂

Interesting development at work today, my boss tells me they are looking at creating a full-time online position for each capital city station. Great idea but if I got the job I would have to give up Saturday Breakfast… I don’t want to do that! Well you never know it will all be academic if I get the Afternoons job…

How do you know whether your deepest fear is engaged or if its just you following an intuition? The other day I had an intuition as to a future career path which didn’t involve me getting Afternoons. Now is that an intuition? Or am I just engaging my deepest fear – not good enough? Am I creating a “get out of jail free” card? At the moment I’m reading it as a long term career intuition because I do want to get Afternoons…

Imogen and I just shared a plate of soy snacks – I feel sick… why did I do that??

News flash

Just learned that Debbie Dixon is engaged to be married this November 20. Apparently the banns were advertised in the paper but I’m not very good at reading the Hatched, Matched and Dispatched section and missed it. Congratulations Debbie and Jarrod!

A day off

I love having Tuesdays off – I guess having 6 hours to do MY STUFF on my terms is intoxicating (this isn’t to say I wouldn’t happily give them up for the Afternoon Job!).

Yesterday after struggling to get out of bed at 7.30 (a two hour sleep in for me) I dropped Imogen at school and headed straight for Subi. I was charged with the pleasurable duty of spending some money raised at the office for our friend and colleague Ken Brand, whose wife Michele is about to undergo an operation on Friday. So I bought a Romantic Picnic at Food by Christopher Hillier in Rokeby Road and then drove back home and went to my favourite bottle shop where I’ve become worryingly well known as a regular (Vintage Cellars Cottesloe) and bought some red wine. Got a great deal on some Henshke red which was already discounted and the guy threw in a wooden presentation box hence my plug!

JoThen I dropped in on Johanne – who goes to the Archetrek course with me – and we went through our sheets from last week. Sometimes we do these sheets in class and that makes it much easier because I find it hard to do them on my own – but it was great to go through them with Jo although we spent as much time chatting as working!

Then it was off to South Perth to pick up Mary for lunch. We met Rory’s cousin Nicki, her partner John and Rory at C Restaurant in the city. C is the revolving restaurant at the top of the AAPT tower – once called Hilite 33. It is quite upmarket although the chairs look a bit dated. The food was good – I had the fish of the day, King Snapper on a feta mash with a saffron sauce – very nice indeed. It was also nice to meet one of Rory’s cousins. I think I’ve only met one other in all the time I’ve known him. John took some photos which John I hope you will forward to me!! Can you believe I forgot my camera…

Anyway after lunch I picked up the picnic and then Imogen and we went to Ken’s house to drop them off. Michele answered the door which was so unexpected. I thought she had had the operation last week! She looked pretty well considering how unwell she is. We sat down and had a long chat. Imogen was an angel and Michele and Ken’s daughter – rollerskating champion Laura – took Imogen under her wing and showed her among other things how to tell the difference between a boy budgie and a girl budgie… boy budgies have blue skin (cere) over the top of their beaks – girls have brown. [more info on budgies] Meanwhile, Ken, Michele and I had a good gossip and chat!

As we left Imogen said “I really liked them – they were nice people – especially for strangers!” Michele is now “that nice lady”.

Then it was home – a quick dinner for Imogen – then I went off to WW – same weight again! Sigh but at least I haven’t gone up. Then Dungeons and Dragons with the boys… and Indian food – nice and lo-fat! NOT.

Tuesdays are great.

A new month – a new blog

Well Holly is doing it, Hugo is doing it, Imogen is doing it and even my boss is doing it so I thought I’d try blogging it. Even though in fact I can kind of blog anyway via the groovy interface my server provides me…

We’ll see.

This weekend I worked both days so it doesn’t feel like I’ve had much of a weekend. I did go and see Carmina Burana with Abi on Saturday night while everyone else in the world appeared to have been at the Rugby. Yes I did have the chance to go but didn’t fancy it… well unless one is in a box dear…

Carmina Burana was beautiful. The dancing expressive, the music uplifting, the choral work divine. There were only three performances of this work by Carl Orff. It was a sold-out season and we didn’t have tickets but we thought that maybe there might be some returns and if not we’d just go to a movie or something… so we went. And got tickets in the stalls for $25 each. Bargain! I think we might do it again!

I didn’t know anything about the production – philistine – but immediately recognised the first piece of music O Fortuna from the Old Spice ad and I’m pretty sure The Omen movies too.

LyricsMusic and Story

This week Imogen and I go to see Sleeping Beauty on Ice.

Dad completed the Archetrek Foundation Mapping Course this weekend and enjoyed it he says. I was excited to hear what he has on his map. Many of these won’t be a surprise to you: Mars, Saturn and Zeus, Master~Slave~Addict, Manager~Director, Pioneer~Adventurer, Designer, Engineer, Lion~Coward (was a bit of a surprise), Historian~Scribe, and oh bugger! I can’t remember the last two! I’ll have to come back to them. Anyway he enjoyed meeting Katie and he said the food was delicious. Its all good.