Raining in Dublin

Ireland 006

Not really a surprise. And it’s 7 degrees. I wish I’d brought my thermals!! Anyway we’re in the right place for winter clothing.

The bed was very comfortable – pillows like clouds and a crisp white duvet cover over the most heavenly duvet.

Ireland 013

Today we plan to visit the Guinness factory, fix up Rory’s phone which ironically is having problems with global roaming (you remember why we are here?) , and it’s dinner tonight at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud holder of two Michelin Stars. Mmmm Hmmmm I can’t wait!

Tomorrow we meet the stars of the Wallabies at their Captain’s Run training session… but more on that later.

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Well to be honest we haven’t seen too many Irish eyes yet as we’ve only just got to the hotel – but there’s a fairly rowdy craik (is that how you spell crack?) in the ballroom next to the business centre where I’m typing this so I might see a few glazed Irish eyes soon. Mine are certainly bleary after a very long flight.

Ireland 001

Must praise Emirates – fantastic service and as they were mostly empty – plenty of room to stretch out and kip – four seats each in fact. The in-flight entertainment is excellent too and I watched quite a few films I’ve been meaning to see from The Devil Wears Prada (6/10), An Inconvenient Truth (7/10), Thank You for Smoking (6.5/10) and The Lake House (6/10). Sure I’m marking tough but that’s the way life is.

Ireland 011

Ireland 008

So far we haven’t seen much of Dublin – just the ride here in the courtesy bus from the airport – we thought we were going to be met by a limo so a little disappointment there. Still transport is transport and the driver (though a little late to pick us up) was full of Irish charm even pointing out his local on the way to the Conrad where we’re staying.

Well it’s time for me to find cotton corner so nie night m’dears…

The Blarney Stone in my sights

I’ve packed up at work, delivered copious notes to the poor guy who has to be me for two weeks, changed my messages, given him my mobile phone and I’m on holidays.


Now I get to clean the house and pack.

But not before eating a toasted cheese sarnie…