The Bunbury experience

So last weekend was the weekend of the Bunbury Regatta – the first regatta in the Rowing WA calendar.

UWA Rowing decided to hold a camp – for the purposes of bonding primarily with a bit of a training day on the side.

It was well planned. Food was to be shoved down teenage throats to avoid alcohol overload. We were going to discuss goals, meet some of the other people who you normally don’t row with, staying at some cottages near Wellington Dam. Sounded fun. The masters women sounded keen on Bunbury. I paid my money.

Unfortunately they were keen on racing. Not keen on a camp out with a bunch of uni students. I was on my own.


The campfire was seriously good.

Luckily a couple of the masters men came down so I wasn’t the only old person there… well I was still at least 10 years older than the masters men but that’s better than 25 years older no?

The plan didn’t quite work out. The captain’s car – which contained the food – broke down. People started drinking at 3pm and by 7pm were not in a good way.

Still it was a fun night and by 6.15am the next morning our camp was deserted. We were on our way to Bunbury.




We were the first to arrive at about 7am. Cold, weary, some hungover, one blue.

This apparently is a record for UWA. We spread out on the foreshore. Unloaded boats. Rigged. Got coffee.

The rest of the Masters Women arrived around 8.15am. I had my posse back. Not that the younger set weren’t friendly. They were quite inclusive actually which was sweet of them.

Here are the Open Women.


Here are the Novice Women – who did really well.


Our squad was in three races… a coxed 8 – which we didn’t disgrace ourselves in but lets say there is room for improvement. And two coxed quads. Again room for improvement although our A-team nearly won their race.

I was tossing up whether to stay on the next night… but one of our squad was keen. It will show we want to be part of the club and not separate, she said. I stayed.

Unfortunately the bad behaviour from the night before caught up with us which meant the big “jungle” party where people were going to be cable tied together in order to force mingling between the groups was cancelled.  Thank goodness!

In our chalet we played Smoke or Fire – a ridiculous drinking card game.

My recommendation, should someone suggest it to you, is to politely but firmly decline.

I didn’t.

This is our cabin.


Kangaroos were very tame. One was seen holding a lollipop the morning before.


Breakfast was barbecue bacon and eggs. I should have passed on the bacon.


Overall it was worth going I think. A few more faces and names are familiar now. I feel more bonded with the club. And hanging out with young people does make you feel young, perhaps providing balance to the time I spend in the bridge club not hanging out with young people.

I really enjoyed the regatta.

And I think I want one of those onesies…

Week 3 – a bit patchy

UWA Boatshed

An early update as I am going to Bunbury for a rowing regatta – lets hope the conditions are as perfect as they were last Sunday!

Sunday – cycled to rowing and back, rowing.
Monday – nuffing
Tuesday – rowing and then a short erg session in the evening
Wednesday – 1 x video (with my daughter) – the fatblasting one.
Thursday – nuffing!
Friday – rowing, walked to train
Saturday – I’ll be rowing in two races I think.

Have flannel shirt and ugg boots – I am ready for Bunbury.

On a technical front – I’m feeling a bit meh about my rowing.

Couldn’t get the legs right, now can’t get the arms right. Crabbed badly today and now my boob hurts where the oar struck it.


Maybe just a bad day…

Update 2 – Promise I will be more interesting soon

Crumbs it’s dull isn’t it – all this exercise posting… well interwebs sorry… but you did agree to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Well maybe not agree exactly – but you didn’t say no.

This week:

Sunday – social row in a quad
Monday – 3 x 10 min videos (arms with newly purchased weights, pilates and fatblaster)
Tuesday – Training row
Wednesday – nada
Thursday – 3 x 10 min videos (full body, butt workout, scupted arms)
Friday – nothing – very bad but I played bridge the night before and slept badly
Saturday – social row in an 8

So two days with nothing and no cycling although on the cycling front I did pick up a great bike rake for the car from a fellow rower who was looking to get it out of his boot! Win.

Slipping a bit on the old exercise front but next week is another week… Go me.

As far as the videos go I am finding more and more on the internet. Sometimes the person is just too thin and perky for me to cope with, but mostly I find them to be good and even though I say I’m only going to do one, I always get to the end and go… ooooh that looks good maybe I’ll just do one more.

So if you struggle with doing exercise maybe try one of the videos. You might surprise yourself.

Update on the first week

Right for those who’ve just tuned in here is my plan:

  1. Cycle to rowing 1-2 times a week
  2. Row 3 or 4 times a week
  3. Do ten minute youtube exercise video on other days

So in the interest in engaging the interweb gods… here’s this week’s exercise:

  1. Sunday – race at Mettam Head Race (5 k race and about 5 k paddling – we came 3rd)
  2. Monday – SLACKED OFF – things weren’t looking good for The Plan
  3. Tuesday – rowing training
  4. Wednesday – 2×10-minute video (arms and yoga) Partly to make up for Monday
  5. Thursday – 1×10 minute video (legs)
  6. Friday – rowing training
  7. Saturday – rowing cancelled but I cycled to Nedlands and back for bridge game.

Overall – thank you.

Putting it out there working so far.

Also new bike (newer bike loaned to me by kind friends) with better gears working out well. Did I tell you I changed the inner tube by myself? Just me, an inner tube, a spoon and this video.

And tip from cyclist at work to ride down Princess Road rather than Stirling Hwy is great. No traffic lights, and fewer cars.

Still waiting for my fit and cut body.

Must stop eating chocolate peanuts.

Sorry? Is that the pizza arriving? Gotta go!

Stress dreams

Do you ever have stress dreams?

Apparently a common one is not being able to find your locker/classroom at school which relates to feeling uncertain about your career… apparently.

I’ve worked in radio for a long time and usually my stress dream goes like this…

I get into the studio and I have to present a program and I have nothing to say.

No interview to go to.

There are no CDs in the system.

Our electronic playout system doesn’t work.

I just have to talk and I have nothing.

Well I had a new stress dream Saturday night. The night before our race.

I dreamed I couldn’t find my white singlet.

All I could find was a frilly white shirt. Clearly not very sporty.

Frilly white top

It was very stressful in the dream but in the cold light of day… a little tragic.

But I wonder what it means…

The fat bonus

UWABC Masters Women Quad

First of all – we survived the race. I know you were wondering.

One crab, one almost crab, one collision, one stop and one fin later.

It was a beautiful day on the Canning River and I think we all felt great that we’d finished and not disgraced ourselves.

Next time we’ll be in zooties – those most unattractive garments – which, unless you are an Olympian – just don’t do much for the figure.

There will be no photos below head and shoulders whilst I am wearing a zootie. That’s what secret groups on facebook are for.

Anyway as discussed yesterday, there is some way to go to improve my fitness but that hasn’t stopped me invoking a “fat bonus” every time I make a food decision.

Do I really want that chocolate? Hey… I exercised this morning….

Hmmm that was delicious… seconds? Why not! I went rowing today.

Dessert? You don’t even need to ask.

Problem is I’ve spent my “fat bonus” two or three times.

And I suspect it isn’t that big a bonus anyway.


UPDATE: We came third in our class WE4X+ (out of 6). Yay.

If I put it online will that mean I do it?

Sunrise from Matilda Bay

Ahhhhh see this is why I get up early in the morning on a Saturday to go rowing.

So beautiful.

And today I rode my bike. Well Evan’s bike but he’s got lots and the gears aren’t so great on this one so he doesn’t miss it (I hope).

I got up at 6am. And left the house around 6.15 with my brand new Moon lights on and the wind on my face.

Well there wasn’t much wind, it was the speed of my pedalling.

(that was a little joke)

It took me about 35 minutes to get to the UWA Boatshed and I was surprised to see so many cars in the carpark.

Damn it! I thought I’d missed rowing altogether. That everyone had showed up and gone out, locking the shed behind them.

I checked my phone and it was 6.50. Yay. So I took the shot above.

Coming back was a bit more of a struggle.

Scary too. People in their big 4WDs and trucks!!! A truck beeped at me as I wobbled up the last hill and scared me into wobbling more. Yikes.

Also I was tired.

But I imagined my cut body. Fit from riding to rowing and rowing and riding from rowing. This will get easier each time I do it I said to myself as I reached the crest of the last hill.

Anyway this is my plan – and I’m hoping by declaring my hand on the interwebs Ii will be honour bound to follow true.

(even though this has never worked in the past… you never know)

So I row 3 or 4 times a week.

I will ride to rowing 1 or 2 times a week.

And on the days inbetween I’m going to make sure I at least do one ten-minute video from PopSugar.

Now how hard can that be?

*Famous last words*

Are your Sunday mornings free?

I only ask because UWA Rowing are holding their Learn to Row classes from THIS SUNDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER at 7am.

Cost is $150 and you just show up at 7am at the UWA boatshed which is on the corner of Mounts Bay Road (Stirling Hwy) and Hackett Drive… you know, near the fish van that sells “Sexy Salmon Fillets”. Whatever they are.

Here’s some inspiration from this morning…

Early Sunday Morning at UWA Boatshed
Early Sunday Morning at UWA Boatshed
UWA Boatshed
Helicopter for the City to Surf runners

C’mon you know you want to…

It is the best thing I’ve done in ages.


Socially smart move by UWA Rowing

Launching the quad
Launching the quad

More rowing photos today. I know I know I’m like a broken record but it is so beautiful on the river.

The morning I took these there was a pod of dolphins playing with a school of fish.

Throwing them in the air.

This was my first (and only so far) go in a quad.  I liked it.

Having two oars means it feels a lot more stable.

And I like the rhythm and pattern of the two oars crossing over and out.

It feels like you are doing more work too.

Last week only four of us showed up.  The lessons are over and now I am officially a “social rower”.

Well not officially as I haven’t filled in the forms.

We rowed in a four.  That means one oar each.

More unstable than a quad or an eight.

We soon seem to get the hang of it though and rowed past the Barrack St Jetty, the furthest I’ve been.

Having a social rowing sector of your club is smart.

Free money.

Lets face it, how many show up?

And all those fees can go towards everyone’s enjoyment.

(I think I’ve been a social member of numerous gyms in the past although I wasn’t classified as such)

Also the social rowers are generally older, not students, and those that do come are likely to lend their labour.

As I said, smart.

More rowing
And the sun comes up
more rowing
Loving that smooth water

As the sun set

Sunday afternoon

Just wanted to share the photo really.

It was such a beautiful Sunday.

I got up early for rowing and we rowed all the way to Barrack St from UWA, which is further than we’ve been but probably not that far.

Dolphins were seen.  Well.  One dolphin.

And marathon runners.

In the afternoon we did the grocery shopping and on the way home I made Groover detour to the beach.