New habits are hard to make


About a month ago Property at work changed the swipe point to gain access to the building.

It used to be right next to the door, now you have to stop about 3 metres before the door and swipe your ID card.

But old habits are hard to break.

Every day this week I have walked up to the door only to have to double back to swipe in.


Even today – after taking this photo – for the sole purpose of THIS post, I walked to the door to swipe in.

Double Arghh!

I know we are talking four years of habit versus four weeks but when will it become second nature?

And do you have any tips to make it sooner rather than later?

Stupid sign

Random sign

I first saw this sign at North Cottesloe.

I thought then it was a stupid sign.

What are they trying to warn against?


Shallow water?

Why not just say that?? 

To just say “water” seems a bit obvious.

Hello… it is the Indian Ocean…

Having two stupid signs… does that make the Town of Cottesloe twice as stupid?

A lavender lunch


I sat opposite this lavender the other day, eating my Vietnamese spring rolls.

I was sharing the park bench with another woman who told me her life story.

She came from Sydney, about a year ago.

Her husband, a landscape gardener, had got a job and, as their kids had finished high school, they thought they would make the move.

On arrival the job didn’t work out and she took a job doing admin at a training college until she could find something better.

It’s been very difficult for her to find other work though. 

The boom time is long gone and so now she feels a bit stuck.

But she loves Perth.

The weather was particularly nice that day – the first really warm day – around 27 degrees.

She loves the fact there are so many green spaces in Perth where you can go for lunch.  It’s not the same in Sydney.

At least not where she used to work.

After she left I took this photo. 

The lavender was buzzing with bees.

Nesting with class


I went out to lunch today with a couple I don’t know that well but am getting to know better.  He is a great networker!

Anyway on the way back to work I spied this bird who has made a nest in the middle of the artificial lake on top of a sculpture.

You can’t see the sculpture, but it is one of a series of turtles.


But what I love most is the touch of class.

An everlasting woven into the straw.



Tasmanian bark


On my first day with my new camera I was walking past some trees in Fielder St, East Perth.

The bark looked like the perfect subject to test the macro features out.

So interesting…


Kind of geographical…  like a map…


Somewhere down near Tasmania maybe?

Red or Blue


Remember this scene from The Matrix?

Take the blue pill and you stay asleep… take the red and wake up to reality?

Why did they choose those colours?

Why blue and red?

It might be based in science.

I was listening to some back-episodes of my new favourite podcast – RadioLab – and one of the stories that stood out for me on the Placebo episode was the story about why the colour of pills is important.

Apparently – and this is true for everyone except Italian men – if you take a blue pill you sleep better than if you take a red pill.

Same ingredients – very different effect.

So why the anomoly with Italian men?

According to the scientist – it’s because of their football team:
The sight of that blue colour excites Italian men so much they can’t sleep… or don’t sleep as well as say other men taking a blue pill.


I wonder if Viagra is more effective in Italy?

Now there’s a research project people!

Do stop – I have had enough

I am over Michael Jackson.  

No, I am.

I can’t tell you how many emails I get advising me of this special or that special, how many times I’ve turned on the telly to be bombarded with yet another memorial concert.

Is it just me?  Or are you over him too?

One person who really is… is Michael Jackson.


He has had hundreds of emails begging him to announce that he is alive and well… yeah that was funny… the first time.

It’s not that he doesn’t like MJ, he even owns a few CDs, although he’s more into the Arctic Monkeys.

He remembers going to Pinocchios (a Perth Nightclub in the 80s) to the launch of the Thriller video.

He just wants to get on with living his life without being asked to clutch his groin and go “Owwww” in a high pitched squeal.