Photos from a Google phone

Photo taken by Google phone

This is a photo of some lovely flowers Groover gave me last week.

They have opened so beautifully, so slowly that we really have enjoyed them but the reason for the post is to show you the capability of his new Google phone.

I think it has some fancy filters applied but even so, pretty impressive hey?

By comparison this is from my camera with no filters applied:

This photo taken with my little Canon Ixy

Frankly I’m blown away.

The blackberry I use for work also has a 5MP camera and the photos aren’t nearly so clear.

And maybe there are filters I can apply but they are not so easy to apply (or find).

The edge of winter

Autumn leaves

It’s been a bit cold and wet in Perth over the last few days and truth be told it does feel like winter.

In East Perth autumn leaves pile in drifts and then wilt flat against the pavement.

Today there are blue skies and if you hadn’t been outside you might even think it was quite warm.

20 degrees celcius.

For us, the thin-blooded natives of this fair city, it is cold.

No central heating, coats designed for a light chill in the air, gloves and scarves?

What are they again?

Winter is officially just 4 days away.

I’m getting out the ski gear.

Autumn leaves

In flight

In flight

I took this photo down at Cottesloe beach.

You know the usual fifty photos of a seagull and then it takes off and you get lucky.

I love the feeling this photo evokes for me.

Taking flight.

The energy.

The upward momentum.

How good must it feel?

Christmas photo album

Before we get into 2010, here are a few of my favourite Christmas pics:

This is Groover and Dippity on Christmas Eve at Groover’s brother’s house.

This is my nephew. I love the way he is so into the cracker. 🙂

This is Groover’s mum on Christmas night. This photo is taken by Dippity who has turned into a handy photographer as the rest of these images will show.

We’ve been having Christmas with this lady and her family for over 35 years.

This is her lovely new Grand-daughter (who you’ve met in earlier posts).

But these three are my favourite shots.

This is my niece on Christmas eve and the photographer (again… dammit!) is Dippity.


The best moment for me this Christmas was playing Kris Kringle* on Christmas night.

One of the later presents to be opened was a set of hot rollers. Opened mind you, by a 14 year old boy.

Now it’s true he has dead straight hair so, you never know, they might have come in handy, but instead he looked around the table and realised that the OBVIOUS person to swap with was Groover.

I’m sure he didn’t want what Groover had (a promotional tie from an organisation based in China), but he saw the bald head and went there.

I’m sure we disturbed the neighbours with our extended and loud laughter.

Nice one Jez.

*Kris Kringle
Everyone brings one gift and puts it on a table.
Names are drawn out of a hat.
When your name is called you choose a present from the table and open it.
If you like it, keep it.
If you don’t, you can swap with any other already opened present.
Result: hilarity

Summer days

Port Beach

I took this photo down at Port Beach, just behind Salt (Port Beach Cafe).

The kids were having a great time finding old bottles and generally being kids on a hot afternoon in Perth.

Having a bit of wild time while presumably their parents were having a cold one or two inside.

To me, this is what summer holidays are all about.

Finding a bit of wild time.

I haven’t found a lot of wild time this holiday but I did have good fun playing with PW Photography’s action set.

Above is Old West.

Below, B&W.

Port Beach

And this is Vintage:

Port Beach

For this photo I think I like Old West the best… what do you think?

I heart faces – Autumn Beauty


Arghh!  The agony of choosing an Autumn Beauty photo.

Of course it is spring here but I found a whole bunch of fallen leaves at the Uni yesterday and took a thousand shots of my beautiful daughter… it’s just that… they weren’t autumny enough!

So I’ve entered this one.

I took this in Autumn at my parent’s place with my camera on auto timer.

I love the 3D effect of the leaves and the light.

I heart faces – Balloons


This week’s theme  is balloons and when I think of balloons I always think of my dad’s 60th birthday.

We held it at my place and blew up about 200 helium filled balloons with long ribbon tails to cover the ceiling.

Then we all waited with the lights off in the lounge room for him to arrive.

It was a new house, with no curtains and we had windows letting in the moonlight.

We didn’t surprise him.

He could see the silhouettes of the guests through the windows not hidden by the wall.

The next morning, the balloons had started to fall from the ceiling and floated at every height.

The kids (aged about 4 and 16 months) were elated.

They captured them in enormous balloon bundles, crocodiles and ran through the house. [see video]

You could hardly see them for balloons.

Check out some of the other entries for some more balloon magic.

Images from my birthday


I have this big wall calendar on my pin-up board and hopefully my colleagues noted my reminder!


The date jumps out at me from everywhere.


My colleagues have bought me a present but it doesn’t arrive for a few days… intrigued?  I am.  So one of them bought me some earrings – just to tide me over.


And my boss bought me flowers.


The clouds were gathering over the city as I sat in the carpark otherwise known as the entrance to the tunnel.


My sister-in-law made me this cute sunhat!


And a matching bag, delivered with charm by my God-daughter.


My nephew wasn’t too sure about it. 🙂


My darlings bought me chocolate and a book voucher.  Noice.


Mum popped in for a visit (and to see if I’d used my massage vouchers…).


And then Groover took me out to Pata Negra for dinner.

I am no food pornographer.

It was a delicious day.

I heart faces – Pink


This week, I heart faces is celebrating breast cancer awareness month with Pink Week.


So let me tell you the story of this photo.

On Saturday I went for my regular walk along the seafront at Cottesloe.  We usually walk all the way to Swanborne and back.

Nearing the Swanborne end we came across one of the benches which had been wrapped in pink tulle.

Must be a wedding says Groover.

So I took a photo – it’s not something you see everyday –  and we went on our merry way.

It was hot.

The hottest October day for many many years.

It was much cooler the following day and again we got up to do our walk.

(Slightly hungover – it must be said – from a party the night before.)

When we got to the bench I noticed a lady unwrapping the tulle.

I asked her what it was in aid of.

Her friend had died three years ago, and every year they decorate her bench and sit and drink champagne and think of her.

She was young.

And she was a survivor.

I must have had that “hang on… that does not compute” look on my face.

Her friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer and told she would only have 18 months to live.

She survived for ten years.

She was a believer in positive thinking and complementary medicine.

A survivor indeed.

And I think she would like the fact that her friends continue to honour her memory.

I wonder how long they will come to her bench…