Isn’t that what we used to say when playing Chasey and you were at *home* or something like that. Yep I’ve been tagged by Miss Fortune. Why do I blog…

Five quick answers:

  1. Because its fun
  2. Because I feel hip hop and hap’nin and way closer to Gen Y (even though if just in my head).
  3. Because I can’t voice opinions in my job
  4. Because I love being part of the blogging community that grows around it
  5. Because my inner geek (inner?! smirks) needs stroking now and again

So now the power of tagging is with me… who shall I choose… mwah ha ha ha… I think back across the Nullabor to Carol… 🙂

Scrabble Meme – D

Delicious things I like that start with the letter ‘D’ thanks to Pea Soup’s Scrabble Bag… and my apologies for taking my time to get here… D’s HARD!

  1. Daughter – my own 10-year-old of course! (Okay that was an easy one)
  2. Diamonds, especially when they are surrounded by Hearts, Spades and Clubs in a game of Bridge! (Also easy)
  3. Debates – starring NumberOneSon! (Phew!)
  4. Dialog with my husband. (grin)
  5. Dad & Mum – coz they are great and I include my siblings here as well.
  6. Dancing – I’m your girl!
  7. Deciduous trees – especially this time of year.
  8. Digital radio – the future is coming!
  9. Drinking fabulous wine (no comments here Poshi!!)
  10. Disco Doris – hey it was my nickname at school and it could have been worse!

D was hard – I couldn’t get reading in there – I thought of writing Dick Francis and all other authors I like but that seemed a bit crappy because while I don’t mind a Dick while on holiday I certainly wouldn’t rate him as my favourite author. Still having said that it was just ten things I liked, not my favourite things… And I didn’t get blogging, or friends or eating delicious food… it goes on…

So are you up for the scrabble challenge? Ali is- and my dear your letter is – wait – Let me get my scrabble set out – your letter is (fanfare!) – F!

If you would like me to dive into my letter bag and set you the scrabble challenge by all means let me know through comments Darlings! 🙂

Book update

Book Magazine Book Book Magazine Book

Ali has finished her Book Magazine Book pages and the book has now arrived in Melbourne and is with H&B… watch that space!

Fit Meme

Nigel tagged me for the What Do I Do To Keep Fit Meme. Oh yay.

Sadly the short answer is nothing and the result is I’m not fit.

The long answer is for the past 7 days I have – emailed my former personal trainer to ask him what the casual rate at the gym is – didn’t actually go but at least it’s a start – and oh yeah, I went for a walk down to the beach and had a coffee yesterday morning, and then walked back. And I’m wearing a pedometer.

So after that pathetic litany of woe I tag Gacjezv, H&B, James and Copperwitch (Just think of this as support CW!)…

And thank you Nigel – you may have inspired me to get off my big fat lardy arse for once.


I’ve been conducting and writing up appraisals this week. It’s a strange thing to appraise people I consider my peers – probably it’s strange for them too… anyway that is why when I saw From a LAN Downunder’s (cute name huh?) post “progress report on weekly kpi’s” I was kind of inspired to… well… copy the idea. Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery right? It’s either flattery or plagerism. Anyhoo here’s my…

progress report on weekly kpi’s

Watching: Preview tapes of The West Wing – now on at the unfashionable time of 9.30 Saturday night!

Stopped watching: Heroes – because I just can’t be bothered. Likewise The Biggest Loser.

Listening: The Keating! Soundtrack.

Stopped listening to: Ani Difranco Carnegie Hall. But only because I’m now listening to Keating!.

Reading: Holy Cow by Sarah McDonald

Drinking: [Little Creatures Pale Ale – very cold.] A fine suggestion FXH but not tonight – make mine cold and white.

Eating: Anything I don’t have to cook with salad.

Sitting / reclining : On an expensively covered couch (which may or may not have a raw egg under the cushion).

Going to: Veg out somewhere cold.

Looking forward to: Playing in the mixed teams

Loathing: Hot Weather [ditto]

Fearing: Sleeping in after going into work at 11pm tonight for a colleagues on-air function.

Texting: Noone – as I keep leaving my mobile where I am not.

Book Magazine Book – it’s arrived!

my book

My Book Magazine Book has arrived! It was a little… er… smaller than I thought it would be and so is a little more of a challenge! The photo doesn’t really tell you how small – 6cm x 4cm! Let me know if you’d like me to send it to you once I’m done.

Of course the good thing is that small could also mean less work and it’s a whole heap cheaper to post! 🙂