Education fail

No, not the school, me.

My son has lost 4% on a recent maths test because of me.

The question read something like this:

Sam went to a restaurant, he had the choice of two entrees, three main courses and two desserts.  Pate and pumpkin soup for the entrees, steak, chicken and beef for main course and icecream and chocolate cake for the desserts.  What is the probability that Sam would choose soup and chocolate cake?

The correct answer is 1 in 4 but unfortunately my son had no idea what pate was (see image on the right if you are unsure… no, not the bread).

He thought “pate” might be “some kind of random gourmet product you might turn into soup”.

In other words he thought BOTH entrees were soup.


Knew I should have made him eat pate!

This is why feeding expensive, overpriced gourmet foods to your children from an early age is important if you want them to do well at school.

Bless him, he’s asked the teacher to restore his marks on the basis that the question was ambiguous.

Note:  Hugamuga would like to point out that their was no illustrative photograph with the words “Pate de Foie” on the test.

Not good at English?

Not impressed with my poetry selection

This week I received this text from my errant son:

I have not completed my english speech, please do not be alarmed to recieve a phone call from my friendly yet evil english teacher you dont need to eat me she already has, thank you for your cooperation most sincerely H

Okay so he needs the “I before E except after C” lesson, but it was a text so I can forgive the lack of punctuation… impressed he bothered to put any in if I’m honest.

He was supposed to have chosen a poem and discussed it…

I gave him my three favourite poetry books to help him choose a poem but hey… what do I know?

I chose TS Eliot – Selected Poems – still annotated with my notes from Year 11 lit.

My (ex-nun) teacher was a huge fan of Cats.

Can anyone really go past The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock?

I grow old… I grow old…
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.


(and of course not complete)

Then I suggested “Smoke Encrypted Whispers” by Samuel Wagan Watson who I heard recite his poetry at a Book Slam in Leederville a few years ago…

How about this – “mudflat”:

dried up and cracked
of prehistoric reptile scales
huge and menacing,
a chocolate flesh
that twists along the shores of the wetland

– but waiting for the veil of the incoming tide
is the monster
content when cold and hungry for
the mass that rolls with the current

it never sleeps

A geographical flavour for my geography nut?

Anyway, then I suggested Carol Ann Duffy‘s The World’s Wife.

My friend J gave me this book and I love it.

Pithy poems about some of the more famous wives in history.

Like Mrs Darwin:

7 April 1852.
Went to the Zoo
I said to Him –
Something about that Chimpanzee over there reminds me of you.


My favourite is Eurydice and if you see me in real life – don’t ask me about it – or you may be in for a recital.


Anyway – he didn’t choose a poem – any poem – and now he is in trouble.

(But he writes a good text – don’t you think?)

My boy is back


Dirty, a bit smelly, wearing clown pants… but back.


We missed you!

And can’t wait to hear all your stories.

One line we heard on the way back from the airport… when describing the amount of merchants vying for their business when they went to the Taj Mahal – “So many you could have seen them on Google Earth!”



News from India

I’ve heard from my boy in India.

At last!

I can’t believe how much we are all missing him.

Anyway he writes:

hi parents
just a short email to say, i am enjoying India, in fact it is utterly amazing, finished first trek and i am currently in Rishikesh. unfortunately i got a bit of altitude sickness climbing the peak and had to go back down ,the highest altitude i got to was 3500m, everyone in a group has a cold :(, but it should be ok,

The photo is tagged “Ganges, Uttaranchal Rishikesh” so I’m guessing he’s somewhere near here.

Have you got everything?

So he has left.

My baby, my boy, has gone from being carried in a backpack… to wearing one.

He is doing World Challenge, which means he spends four weeks in India – in the hill country – trekking.

He does a community project at a local school.

And he gets a bit of R&R… maybe going to see the Taj Mahal.

He has his passport, his walking stick, some cash, my sleeping bag and some groovy “wilderness wear” clothes.

He is on an adventure and my heart goes with him.


How to bow – the caterpillar lesson

I’ve been looking at some old family videos which we’ve recently digitised, and came across this one of my son’s second cello lesson.

Here he is learning to bow.

Or not.

My friend The Poshi and I decided we’d share lessons and get our sons learning Suzuki cello.

I even bought a cello to encourage him, though I never learned to play myself.

That’s where the whole Cellobella name came from.

We lasted a year or two but the boys hated it… well my boy did.

I think he was too young.

And in retrospect he must have found reading the music so hard given his undiagnosed need for glasses.

He plays the piano now and I don’t have to force him to practice.

And yes, I still have my cello.

In the back room.

Untouched by human hand for years.

Funnily enough I discovered that my boss also has an untouched cello which she’s never learned to play.

Weird huh?

I heart faces – Excited!

Elachbutting Rock

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth I’ve chosen this pic of my two scallywags on top of Elachbutting Rock.

I’ve told the story before.

How much do kids love climbing rocks and leaning into the wind?

Ahhhh the simple pleasures my friend.

It’s for the I Heart Faces challenge… excited!

Sunset in the suburbs

Everything is pink outside said my son this afternoon…

Ah ha! I thought, the perfect chance to use the “sunset” feature on my new camera…


This is straight out of the camera – no photoshopping I promise, not even a tweak.

Cool huh?

(are you getting sick of me talking about my new toy yet?  I will tone it down from now on…)