The death of blogging?

My hair has grown, I have new glasses.  Yep it really has been a while since we chatted.

this is me

Back in 2007/8 I was a daily blogger. No detail of my life too boring or mundane to inflict upon the world… and you dear reader.

My opinion on who should go in Big Brother.  Things seen on walks around the burb.  Book reviews.   Random comments.

Sometimes there were photos, sometimes there were not.

But there ALWAYS was something.

Then Facebook happened.

Yes of course I blame Facebook.  Is that lame?

All those little things that caught my eye are now on my FB profile.

The photos so easy to upload.

I can share the bits I want to with the people I want to and they don’t have to come searching for it.

All the comments.  All the likes!

It’s… seductive.

So my blog has been neglected.

Reserved for the important things.  Things that are worthy of more than a sentence, a photo.  Which means… nothing gets posted at all.

And yet.

And yet I see others still blog.  Where’s My Glow?  Karen Cheng.  The Food Pornographer.

What’s their secret?  Are their lives so much more interesting than mine?  Is it having a theme?

My life is all eat, sleep, row, repeat.

Well that and work.

I feel like I’m boring you when I write about it.

And now here comes the epiphany:  In 2007/8 when had enough material to blog everyday, I was doing practically the same as I am today.  (just replace rowing with bridge)

I didn’t go on particularly interesting trips.  I didn’t have so many more fascinating encounters.  I wasn’t any more interesting than I am now.

So… it must be Facebook.

Has social media killed the blogging star?


(obviously I’m not referring to myself as a star… simply referencing that old Buggles tune)

6 Replies to “The death of blogging?”

  1. You were also doing a lot more parent multi tasking don’t forget……you had teens and tweens….school runs…..on air as well….life has changed alot !! Especially for me during those year too ♡♡♡♡♡♡ BFF

  2. Yes, I think social media has a lot to answer for. Lucky I’ve still got you in my feed reader so you pop up on my radar whenever you post. And you can always come back to it.

  3. I totally agree about social media killing blogging (and the rise of monetised blogs – yuck), such a sad thing. I adore reading about the minutiae of people’s lives and really miss the little community of australian bloggers we had in the mid-2000s. I often wonder what has become of people.

    I was actually thinking of you and sewing this week – and wondered if you still wore those garments you made back in the day. (I’m starting a 50before50 project and one of the things on it is to make a garment that isn’t pyjama pants).

    The longer hair looks wonderful!

  4. Ah! I know what you’re saying…. but I am not in fb circles, and I love reading your blog! So please do! Even if it is “just” “eat, sleep, row, repeat”. Never boring! 🙂

  5. haha no I don’t wear them anymore… but I am doing a screenprinting course next month so stand by for some… garments.

    Good luck with the 50before50… that sounds interesting.

    And PPP – thank you… I’ll try to add a pretty photo.

    Jen – which feedreader do you use?

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