Neighbourhood herbs

my Streetside herbs

Inspired by The Main Ingredient and a group called Herbshare this weekend I planted out some herbs in my front garden.

I rarely use all the herbs I buy in the supermarket. Most times you only need a bit of thyme or basil or parsley and the rest wilts and goes slimy in the fridge.

At least it does in my fridge.

The Herbshare idea is that you plant your herbs in your front gardens accessible from the street.

Then you plot your herbs on a map so that your neighbours know what you’ve got.

So that when they need that bit of coriander, or basil, or mint they can just pop across the road and pick a bit from your garden. Only taking what they need.

I love this idea.

My plan (as we don’t have HS over here in WA yet) is to establish my herbs, then pop a note into my neighbours letter boxes inviting them to take some herbs whenever they need to.

I’m already taking the odd bay leaf from my neighbours tree over the road, and the limes that I can reach from next door… so it all works out in the wash.

I just hope the wretched things grow!

If you live near me I’ve planted thyme, sage, mint, rocket, basil, coriander, dill, and parsley.

As insurance I also planted out the rest in my fishpond. As you do.

My fishpond herb garden

Actually I was quite excited.

I bought some potting mix and manure to top up the pond and when I dug it in discovered a rich black composty soil below.

This year when I weeded the verge I chucked it in the fishpond. A couple of months later after quite a bit of rain and some hot days and it is perfect herb growing soil.

What a bonus! Really must make a note to do it again.

In other news, the girl is off to India and the boy is coming home again.

And yes, I’m still rowing.