Stress dreams

Do you ever have stress dreams?

Apparently a common one is not being able to find your locker/classroom at school which relates to feeling uncertain about your career… apparently.

I’ve worked in radio for a long time and usually my stress dream goes like this…

I get into the studio and I have to present a program and I have nothing to say.

No interview to go to.

There are no CDs in the system.

Our electronic playout system doesn’t work.

I just have to talk and I have nothing.

Well I had a new stress dream Saturday night. The night before our race.

I dreamed I couldn’t find my white singlet.

All I could find was a frilly white shirt. Clearly not very sporty.

Frilly white top

It was very stressful in the dream but in the cold light of day… a little tragic.

But I wonder what it means…

3 Replies to “Stress dreams”

  1. I’ve had that radio dream many times over the past 25 years. Thankfully it’s not too common and I can’t recall the last time I had it but the whole ‘running out of music’ with hours of the program still to come is not such a great feeling … even if it is just a dream.

  2. My stress dream is always about not having appointments in my diary. Goes back to my days working in the Insurance industry when no appointments usually meant no business, which in turn meant no commission!!! Haven’t had one of those in a while!

  3. Hi Edwina,
    I tried to post this comment on your blog but it wouldn’t let me… 🙁
    No you don’t need a photo to post but I do beat myself up when I don’t post a photo, which is stupid. So I’m going to post a story right now without a photo in solidarity.
    And… welcome to Perth!
    CB x

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