Ah those university days

I went back to my old college – St George’s – today.

Partly to beg, plead and plunder for my son who would dearly love to follow the family tradition (I think)  and go to the college himself this year as he studies his science degree at UWA, but also just to walk the halls and remember those “good old days”.

I don’t think I’m alone in this.

I’m pretty sure my dad, who also went to St George’s and indeed was Senior Student, also pops by to feel that red brick memory soak right in.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s no coincidence that the house I grew up in and the house I have now lived in for 13 years is also red brick…

Just sayin’.

“It’s hard to tell how much the student actually wants to come here… and how much of it is the parent wanting the student to live here.” says the acting warden – a charming man – when I visited today.

I’m sure, I murmur politely as my eyes tear up looking out his window to the old sub-warden’s cottage.

The cottage where I and a young Groover sat listening to our priest deliver pre-marriage lessons.

“I hate weddings”, was the line I remember best.


“In-laws and children.  You need to agree on what you want to do about those and you’ll be alright.”

Well I want my children to go to residential college.  And if at UWA that means St George’s.

But does my son?

I’m so excited for him, accepting his offer of a place today, the prospect of studying at UWA with his friends is brilliant.

In fact he has many more friends going to uni than I did back in the day, it must be like going on a giant road trip.

I confess I am jealous.

And yes, living somewhat vicariously.

Maybe that’s why I’m so keen on this idea of doing a post-grad degree in Archeaology….

So I had a tour of the college, and noted the changes.

Not sure I like the modern tables in that lovely old library but maybe I need to get over that…

I’m sure I didn’t help my son’s chances of getting in one iota.

But I hope.

I REALLY hope.

They offer him a place.

(And that’s if he wants to go.  Not that I’ll love him any less if he doesn’t. )

Update:  They did and he did!  Now ensconced at St Georges.

2 Replies to “Ah those university days”

  1. G’day CB…

    Wow! So it’s that time in your oldest’s life eh?! How exciting! Fancy having such a long association with the place. I can’t imagine that myself – that must be pretty cool! 🙂 I wish him well… first year uni is such an exciting time too (I actually had a crack at it myself when I was older) – so much to fit in, thank gawd we have that energy when we’re young and we need it eh?!

    Wish I’d had thought that might have been an option for me at that age – but it simply wasn’t. Wonder how things might have been if there had of been slightly different circumstances back then? No going back though and – I’ve been pretty lucky – so I’ve got bugger all to complain about!

    Hope to catch you at the Writers Festival… take care 😉

  2. I can recall my father going teary eyed upon entering the campus he has not seen for twenty years (we lived overseas the whole time).

    I guess that going to places like that just brings a lot of nostalgia to everyone.

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