A lament for lost opportunity

Oswal house, Peppermint Grove
Oswal home now abandoned

The Taj Mahal on the Swan it was called, a family home for the now financially troubled Oswals, a potential tourism attraction,  gathering autumn leaves in the corners as it sits, abandoned.


A little over the top you might say.

For a family of four.

An appalling waste of money.


But there’s something inspiring about it too don’t you think?

I mean, to have such a vision, even if it isn’t to your taste…. to spend $70M on that dream.

One woman’s dream.

I love that.

I wouldn’t do it myself, but then I wouldn’t like making decisions on new taps let alone a whole house, let alone a mansion.

I love the fact that some people go there.

This is how the great houses of England were built.

How the Taj Mahal was built.

One man’s dream.

I’m kind of sad that maybe they have to sell it half done.

That we will never see the Taj Mahal on the Swan.

Mind you… we did see Prix d’Amour… and I’m not sure that was such a good thing.

What’s the betting the new owners knock our Taj over and divide up the blocks.


4 Replies to “A lament for lost opportunity”

  1. It is a grand vision! I would like to see it finished too! Not that I live there or anything but if it became a block of units… I hope their fortunes change:), or another visionary with a larger family could buy it.

  2. I wouldn’t waste my sympathy on them. I remember reading the unbearably smug interview they gave when they started building it. Oh, and then reading about their failure to turn up in court when proceedings atarted against them. These are people who consider that they are better than you or me because of their wealth. No doubt the finished product would have been quite similar to Prix D’Amour – a tacky, showy temple to the gods of materialism.

  3. I dunno CB… I’m up in K Town now and everytime I go to have a gander at the rock art in the Burrup, I’m confronted by their horrid blooming ‘fertiliser plant’ – sitting in the hollow and taking up space. The other side of their Swan River dream perhaps…?

    Dropped into the local ABC mob and had a yarn yesterday… listen out for Chris Nixon – we having some fun up here this week! 🙂 Hope all’s well mate – catchya on the rounds one day eh!

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