On not inviting girls

Bloody hell - can I go now?

This is my boy, pre-ball.

My creation.

Well mostly mine.

Okay okay he had a bit to do with it.

Oh and Groover.

But for tonight?

That’s mostly me.

With my boy’s agreement.

Y’know a lot has been said about how expensive girls can be when it comes to the Year 12 ball but I found myself forking over huge wads of cash.

Suit, shirt, shoes, tie… haircut.

Okay admittedly the haircut was a bargain.

I don’t know.

I didn’t think I’d care so much.

How hard is it being a boy – turn up in any old suit and you’ll look good right?

Probably right.

But I wanted him to feel good and look good.

I wanted him to feel special, coz you know… he is.

And besides…

The lads

How gorgeous do they look?

And he’ll wear that suit again.


Travelling in style

Interestingly lots of the boys didn’t invite girls to the ball.

They go to a co-ed school and I guess they figured girls would be there anyway.

Still I was a bit disappointed.

I think a lot of the girls would have liked to have been asked.

And I bet there were a few who wished one of these lads had asked them.

But maybe not.

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

Or maybe…

Maybe these boys are lucky they don’t go to an all-boys school.


Then they’d have had to ask someone!

7 Replies to “On not inviting girls”

  1. I have to say, when I saw the photos of my grand daughter dressed for her school dance, I didn’t recognise her! When did this baby become a top model???

    Your boy looks pretty handsome…..

  2. He looks very dapper.
    I can’t imagine that mine (currently in year 10) will be inviting a girl when the time comes either. He has a solid group of male friends who he does everything with and while they go to a co-ed very few have had girlfriends (but then they’re probably not telling me everything!). Who knows though, a lot can happen in 2 years. I think it’s nice though, that they all went together like this.

  3. Check out those pants! And those shoes! What a handsome young fellow 🙂

    I didn’t want to invite anyone to my year 12 ball, but I did – my boyfriend. I couldn’t stand him; I’d been trying to find the right way to break up with him for weeks. We ended up breaking up at the ball, and he didn’t go to my school so he didn’t know anyone.

    Then at the afterball he got absolutely destroyed and made a drunken idiot of himself and me. Gosh. So embarrassing.

  4. God… I wish I looked THAT flash at my first school ball! I had a tie on that was wider than I was – I swear! It was a horrid mustard colour and it looked like a feral cat had worked it back and forth with its tongue!

    I HAD to invite a girl – dammit! I didn’t want too – but in order for my mate to get to go out with her that night – I had to ask her Dad for permission to go with ME – so my mate could have the pleasure of her company that night!

    I HATED it! I never went to any more of my school balls after that… you couldn’t have dragged me there!

    Have been school staff at one or three though… now THAT was fun – cos it wasn’t me!

  5. It looks like no-one told him his collar was sticking out. Am I right? Why not? I want people to tell me when my tags up; my shirts hanging out or the collars not tucked into the jacket or jumper I am wearing. Whats going on?

  6. No. That was me. And I can’t believe I missed it. Grrrr.

    Still looked cute though.


    Did you notice the proper Windsor knot in his tie though…

  7. Not only you who missed it…all his mates…all his friends…the driver…and doesnt any girl at the event have even a tiny bit of “motherhood” in their marrow, and want to just reach over and straighten it up? What are young girls coming too?

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