Waiting game

The road to the Perth Domestic Terminal

Have you ever driven to Perth airport and noticed the lines of cars along the main drag leaving to the car park?

They are nearly always there and today I am one of them.

I am picking up a colleague’s wife who is coming down to Perth for treatment.

Her flight is coming in at five past nine and I’m early.

It’s a typical scenario, no doubt replicated elsewhere, where there is nowhere to park at the airport if you are picking someone up except of course at the vastly overpriced short term car park.

Well… there’s room for about eight cars… maybe.

So I wonder why airport designers or local government don’t just cater for it.

Widen the area on the side of the road slightly.

Or at least make the edge of the road less sharp… thought I might burst a tyre.

Just to make it a bit safer.

Make it standing only.

Or am I being ridiculous?

3 Replies to “Waiting game”

  1. Makes perfect sense to me to widen the road, but that would cost quite a bit of money. The government won’t want to pay for it and the airport would lose on parking fees. No-win situation.

  2. At Edinburgh airport we now have to pay £1 just to drop off someone, or the same amount to pick someone up without waiting. The authorities say that it is to encourage public transport, but only buses run there, no trains and the tram scheme will only get there in 2014 if the funding dispute is ever resolved.

  3. Likewise at Perth Airport there are only buses. A train line would be awesome.

    Having said that I did catch a taxi to Sydney airport the other week and there’s a train line there so maybe I wouldn’t use it anyway.

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