Perth Airport does something right

Perth Airport
Photo thanks to M Munns

I’ve been known to slag off Perth Airport from time to time but on arrival last Monday I felt so welcomed that I have only praise.

I know.

I can’t quite believe it either.

I only took carry-on – which in itself is quite impressive for a four day weekend, plus conference, plus dinner dance – so I was able to waltz straight past the baggage retrieval thingys – what is the proper term for them anyway? – past the growing taxi rank – which is always ridiculous – and out to the general vicinity of where the shuttle collects you for the long term parking.

Except the shuttle was just leaving.

I made eye-contact with the driver and did that little moue of disappointment crossed with hopeful smile and gestures of where I need to stand to get a ride – you’ve seen me do it before I’m sure…it’s similar to the look I give at the bar when I finally get enough of your attention to order a crisp Sav Blanc or cheeky Pinot Noir… that look.

Anyway, instead of driving past me and off to the long term carpark, instead of pointing behind him, instead of ignoring me, the driver smiles… I kid you not… smiles, and pulls across the lane into the drop off zone and opens the door.

Off to the long term carpark love?

Thank you so much, I gush.

I turn on my phone to tweet my appreciation – still having a post-conference lovefest with twitter – and before I know it we are pulling into carpark A and I get out to pay the $62 bucks I owe for four days parking (short term would have cost $140 – which is outrageous) and I don’t have a credit card because I’ve had to cancel it again due to the number being on my daughters’ mobile that got lost over the weekend so I have to pay with wads of cash which fortunately I remember to get out of the bank while I was in Sydney.

Thank you I say sweetly to the kind driver and I make my way to the pay machine where a young girl in a high viz vest is smiling at me.

Hello, can I help you?

I’m struggling to find the ticket which I’m sure I’ve put somewhere safe in my wallet/mini-bag but of course it’s been four days and anything could have happened to it but eventually I find it and she puts it in the machine for me, and even though I’m perfectly capable of managing a pay machine as I am a grown up and tall enough to reach, it’s nice to be looked after.

Then she points to the bit where the money goes, and that’s good because I’m used to paying with credit cards which are SO much easier, and I only have a $100 bill because that’s what the bank gave me, but she assures me that the machine will accept such a big note and that I will get notes in change, which is also nice.

I get a cheery farewell and I’m off to my car patiently waiting in S row.

Now I didn’t really need a person helping me with the pay machine but I walked off feeling a bit special – it doesn’t take much.

I felt looked after.

And I’m sure it must be a pretty boring job but the girl was so cheery and sweet and made you feel as if it was her pleasure to be standing around a pay machine at 7.30 on a Monday night, as if there was nothing better she would want to be doing.

And that’s a skill.

So, Perth Airport people, please go and give the driver and the pay-machine girl at carpark A a pat on the back from me, they were great, and you can feel good about yourself too for employing them.

Well done.

3 Replies to “Perth Airport does something right”

  1. Great post – I totally agree with you.

    I’ve complained long and loudly for many years over the worsening disaster that is Perth Domestic, but I had a similar pleasant experience of returning in the early evening (after hours) to the Long-Term Parking and losing track of a docket, and a friendly staffer offering to help out and fix things – maybe the same girl. Luckily I did find the docket, and got out cheaply. The fact that staff was not only within welcoming distance when I needed them, but was also willing to help and not shrug that the ‘machines are the masters’…as happens in too many places these days… suggests the Airport is back to wanting to work with humans again.

    I’ve got a couple of visits planned for later in the week. Let’s see if we can verify a change 🙂

  2. High praise, Bella! The entire weekend went smoothly for me to, from Perth all the way to Sydney and back again. It was one of the most inexpensive trips I’ve taken – with transfers pre-arranged and discounted. And drinks sponsored (can’t forget about that)! Great meeting you! Don’t miss out on the get together we’ve got scheduled beginning May. Colin

  3. You won’t believe it – but after reading this CB – we too tried our luck in the Long Term car parks over the last weekend. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised: Wow! Such helpful and friendly people – just trying to be useful and friendly!

    Wish some of the mob at the Perth security check-in could take some lessons from them but!

    On that note though, the Broome security mob were – without a doubt – the friendliest security mob to EVER have screened my kit and myself! It was so odd to be greeted by friendly smiling people who apparently realised it helps to be nice to the people you have to Shepard!

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