Improvising in the kitchen

Essential oil burner

I came home from work today, opened the door and was transported to the outer suburbs olfactorally speaking.

To the tip to be precise… which may or may not be in the outer suburbs… I haven’t been there… that’s what rates are for.

The kitchen bin REALLY needed emptying.

But not onto the floor which is what happened when Groover pulled the plastic bag out of the shiny stainless steel bin and trying to stop the small drips from a hole in said bag managed to tip it over the floor.

Then the house really started to reek.

A shame as we’d done quite a good job in cleaning the house over the weekend.

Apart, obviously, from actually emptying all the bins.

Anyhoo we needed DRASTIC odour manipulation but an essential oil atomiser was not to be found.

Fear not, says Groover, and he quickly rigged up the above home atomising kit.

Now our house smells of lavender.


Later it was Dippity’s turn to do the washing up.

She likes to dress for the occasion.

My little maid

Aw.  Cute.

(she did a good job too)

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