Don’t say we never get anything done…

Back in 2008, this happened.

Remember this back in 2008?

Now you might not remember it (so go to the link to refresh your memory), but our solution at the time was to board it up with a bit of plywood.

An unsightly solution to be sure.

It’s not as if we didn’t know the frames were rotten.  In 2005 when we had the house repainted the painters had refused to waste good paint on clearly rotten wood.

We did nothing.

Then the door broke.

We moved our beer fridge to in front of the window for added security, and handy access to beer and wine.  And it was handy.

Over the next two and three quarter years we said to eachother often: “We really must get that door fixed.” and “If we were ever to sell, we’d need to get that door fixed.”

We hardly ever go out the back so we really didn’t notice it too much – except from the other side when getting beer and wine.

This year though it was hot.

Damn hot.

And we spent a lot more time in the pool.

In particular, Groover spent time outside. (a rare event)

One day last week, while swimming, he looked up and noticed that the bit of plyboard that had been nailed in again a few times by now, had come off again.

This time the nails fell out of the rotton wood.

He got quotes.

And today the door is in.

Don’t it look pretty?

The new doors from the outside

 Okay the wood has to be sealed somehow.


Apart from “don’t take another three years to seal the wood!”

I’m thinking a clear varnish myself.

The new doors from the inside.

I can’t believe it took us so long.

They look so good.

They feel so secure.

And so… not-rotten.

Yay Groover!  …and Nick from DoorSTOP.

Only thing is… where are we going to put the beer fridge?

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  1. Clear vanish….it’s nice looking wood ! Will go with the dining table. Now beer/wine fridge …I’m sure with a little thought you might find something else that needs to be repaired and hidden…..(-:

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