Lycra and lots of food

The last two days in Ubud have been “activity” days.

Yesterday we did the Paon Bali Cooking class and today the Bali Baik downhill cycle.

We're ready to cook

The cooking class started with a visit to Ubud markets, then a stop at the padi fields before we were invited into our hosts home.

Wayan gave us a tour of his home – explaining each of the buildings – and how it all fits into their Hindu religion and then we went to the big outdoor kitchen and were fitted out with aprons.

Rory learns to bbq Bali style
A Balinese Magimix
All hands on deck to make the steamed tuna in banana leaf

It was a fabulous experience and the food.

Well lets just say I’ll be on a strict regime on my return.

Luckily the next day we went cycling.

Our cycling crew

Well I say cycling but in reality it was sitting on a bike rolling down hill.

Rolling through picturesque villages, and padi fields, dodging the scooters, ducks and dogs.

Seeing as the brochure says – the real Bali.

Afterwards our tour guides laid on a lovely Balinese meal and undid all our good work.


coffee ex cat

Oh and we got to drink coffee excreted from a cat.

Now you can’t get more real than that!

[As I type this I am watching the 7pm news from Brisbane on the Australia Network. Extraordinary footage from the floods. My heart goes out to all the families affected.]

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  1. Sounds amazing, apart from the pre-digested coffee beans! Haven’t been yet, which I know makes me very unWestAustralian, but planning to sometime this year. You’re making it look very appealing.

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