A cool tattoo?

I don’t normally take photos of hunky blokes down the beach.

Surfee dude types

Especially not ones who – lets face it – could be my sons.

I’m not the cougar type.

But when I spied that tattoo on his back… well!

Smiley face tattoo

My first thought was… are you kidding me?!

Who gets a smiley face tattoo.

My next thought was… have I missed a “cool” lesson somewhere?

So tell me internets – cool or uncool?

And then we went for a walk.

It had been a hot day.  Bushfires.  Windy.

So I thought an evening stoll en famile would be nice.

Cottesloe Beach
Fishing from the groin

When we got to the beach it was COLD!

Really windy.

A little… unpleasant.

So rather than a longer walk towards Swanborne – we headed for the groin.

A bit pathetic really.

The pylon with the smog of the fires on the horizon

Of course you can’t keep a teenage boy out of the water no matter how much you talk about shark weather…

Fun in the surf keeping an eye out for sharks

5 Replies to “A cool tattoo?”

  1. I went to the WASO concert at Kings Park last night and so many of us were surprised at the change in temperature! I found myself, at about 7pm, actually wishing I had worn jeans – and stealing my aunty’s blanket to wrap around my legs.

  2. Haha… there’d have to be worse ones yeah? Hung around to many sailors to not see some damn ugly tattoos (in some of the most excruciating places mind!) – and – very un-original ones too.

    At least that’s fairly ‘original’ on the skin…

    I wonder if I should at this one to my repertoire? 😉

    That or someone get’s him when he’s had too much to drink and adds LOL in permanent marker!

    That’d be 🙂

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