Touch of death

Where dreams are dashed

I hate the casino.

It’s a sad sad place.

Banks and banks of soul destroying poker machines, and now even some of the gaming tables are electronic.

Very bad fashion.

We went there, Groover and I, after going to see Sleeping Beauty put on by the WA Ballet – and a fine production it was too.

Now previously we had a rule at the casino – and that was that I was to go far away from Groover so that he would win.

He is lucky.

Well he’s lucky when I’m not there.

My nickname is TOD – yeah you picked that up from the title.

But sweetly he said – no stay, I’m lucky and you’re my good luck charm.


His game of choice is roulette.

Ten minutes later when he was down to his last chip I suggested that maybe I might wait in the bar.

It’s like I balance out his luck… or maybe I suck all the bad luck away from him so he can be extra lucky.

A bad luck magnet.

So no.

I won’t be going back any time soon.

Although I was quite intrigued with a game called Pai Gow that uses Chinese dominos.

I wsa tempted to have a go but after half an hour I still couldn’t quite work out how you play.

And with my record – and at $50 mininum stake – I was wasn’t prepared to just wing it.

Although, having done some research it sounds just like the card game Brag.

Oh you want to know how Groover ended up?

Maybe next time I shouldn’t be in the building at all.

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  1. I don’t remember how long ago I was in a Casino. only ever been once, had $40, played something or other and won $200. Quit while I was ahead and wandered around just watching while the others there with me won and lost and eventually came out with nothing or the amount they’d started with.

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