I’ve been thinking about that spider

Check out the eyes!

When my son was a little tacker – about 2 – we asked him what he was thinking about.

He answered:

“I’m thinking about that spider.”

I don’t remember what spider – or even if there was a spider or if he was thinking about another spider somewhere else but it was such a sweet response that we have used it ever since.

You know, when you are staring off into the distance with your mind in limbo.

Or when asked what you’re thinking, you suddenly forget.

It’s a handy response to have in your back pocket.

This spider, the one in today’s photo was hiding behind a piece of loose bark on the tree my son was climbing.

It dropped to the ground and I think the spider was a bit stunned because not even the very close lens of my camera startled it.

Even prodding it gently with a twig only caused him to lethargically wave a front leg.

On the way home my son – now 15 – asked me what kind of spiderĀ it was.

A huntsman, I guessed.

What do they eat?



No, not really.


Even at 15 he’s still thinking about spiders.

Up close and personal

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  1. I wanted to read the post but spiders are one of my greatest fears, so I scrolled down as quickly as I could while trying to block the photos!

  2. I have a memory of you chasing me around your house with a huntsman on your hand!! We were probably about 11 and I have never run that fast again!!! And I am still not fond of spiders but that is an amazing photo.

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