Maybe LSL wasn’t such a good idea


Y’know when I applied for Long Service Leave I thought it would be a good idea.

Distracted by home life, I wasn’t able to concentrate and right now, work needs someone on the ball.

The leave was sitting there, the timing worked and I could concentrate what was left of my brain power on my kids.

But today, as I wandered about my house trying to find something to do, I realised that for the first time in a long time, I was bored.

I don’t think I’ve been bored for a very long time.

Life has been too busy.

And with boredom comes lethargy.

Finding the motivation to even go for a walk, let alone do the shopping, vacuum or any number of household chores seems as impossible as climbing a mountain.

The girl needs a project.

Limestone wall

See!  So bored I’m taking photos of limestone.

3 Replies to “Maybe LSL wasn’t such a good idea”

  1. Are there any short courses at the TAFEs or universities at the moment you could do? Cooking classes? Any books you want to read? People you need or want to catch up with?

  2. A project huh?

    Hmmmm… speaking about Limestone (haha) – how about ascertaining the density of said limestone block and telling me the compaction factor I’d need to apply UNDER it (in the Perth swan coastal sandplain), so that it’d support the relevant renovations associated with our house (that being a stick frame with colourbond on one side – and a single course of standard brick on the other).


    Nahhh – me either… 😉

    See my problem yet? Oh to HAVE LSL… haha 🙂

    Hey – on a side note – have you heard of the Many Rivers Opportunities organisation? Very interesting… Ciao!

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