The unofficial blood rule

Half time at the footy

The photo was taken at the Country Week semi-finals at Fremantle Oval on the coldest day Perth has had.

I was sitting in the stands next to a football player’s wife and she wryly made the observation that women never take to the field to stand around and listen to the coaches berate the players.

It’s not the done thing dahling.

And it was true!

Not a single person of the female persuasion walked onto the oval… well there was one small girl, aged about 5, but I’m sure the rule hadn’t been explained to her.

Or maybe she was allowed because she hadn’t reached puberty.

The unofficial “blood rule”.

It amused me.

I think it is all to do with male pride.

After all what man wants to be yelled at in front of their near and dear?

Not that their near and dear would do anything other but support them, no matter what the coach said.

I’d be more mortified to be yelled at in front of my mates.

Maybe it’s secret men’s business.

Now I AM curious!!!

3 Replies to “The unofficial blood rule”

  1. It’s not very exciting. My dad coaches footy and has done for my entire life, so as a youngan I’d go out on to the field at half time with my sister and my cousin and we’d all pretend to understand what was going on, but really it was just a chance to perve on our pre-teen crushes.

    The coach basically just yells at anyone who stuffed up, talks about how the other team are dickheads, and offer the threat of further berating at the next break if they don’t stick to the plan and stop playing like a pack of girls.


  2. I agree Erin, I too as a young girl wandered out onto the field when my brothers played footy and it was exactly as you say. There are some great scenes in the film ‘Australian Rules’ of the coaches ‘pep’ talks if you are really curious:-)

  3. I suspected as much 🙂
    Maybe it’s not that women aren’t allowed on the paddock, more that they are just not interested.

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