Why don’t they use spellcheck?


Is it that hard to apply spellcheck to signs BEFORE printing them?

Bad enough reading a real estate ad on the back of a local paper and noticing the word SEPERATELY spelled incorrectly – yes it should be sepArately – but perhaps the offence was less because the font was really small.

It seems far worse a crime when it is writ large upon your business.

I blame the sign writers – yes sure they get a brief from the businesses that use them┬ábut it should be a basic duty of care to not let your clients look like numpty heads!

It offends my eye.

I hope none of the children in the school opposite fail their spelling tests because of it.





That wasn’t so hard… was it?

(mind you, I’m tempted to get my car washed to get a free vaccum – sounds quite exotic)

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