Willie wagtail encounter

Today I decided I’d tackle the front verge of our house and weed it.

Our house has looked neglected and abandoned.

Well… we all hate weeding.

So even though I’d left my iPod at work and was forced to weed unaccompanied, out I went into the cold but brilliant sunshine of a Sunday afternoon in winter.

In fact it made my day.

I was kneeling there, on my oh so attractive orange knee-pads, a baggy oversized polarfleece jumper and red woolen beanie completing my look, when I heard a flapping sound.

To my astonishment a willy wagtail had flown down and was perched on the end of my bucket, well the old fridge vegie tray that I was using as my bucket.

He was not even a foot away from me.

He chattered away, as they do, waggled his tail, hopped from one end of the tray to the other, clearing checking me out.

Maybe my attire made me less threatening?

He then flew off and chattered at me from the wall.

Which is when I went inside to get my camera.

Unfortunately he never flew down again but I felt honoured to have met him.

It made weeding the verge feel good, and very few things do that!