The edge of winter

Autumn leaves

It’s been a bit cold and wet in Perth over the last few days and truth be told it does feel like winter.

In East Perth autumn leaves pile in drifts and then wilt flat against the pavement.

Today there are blue skies and if you hadn’t been outside you might even think it was quite warm.

20 degrees celcius.

For us, the thin-blooded natives of this fair city, it is cold.

No central heating, coats designed for a light chill in the air, gloves and scarves?

What are they again?

Winter is officially just 4 days away.

I’m getting out the ski gear.

Autumn leaves

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  1. Love the photo. We have piles of leaves here too, I love crunching through them on my way home from work each day. I meant to take my camera and get similar photos, then forgot in my rush to get out the door. I’m taking it tomorrow though. Hopefully there are still enough leaves to get a good photo.

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