Headlines that make me laugh

Driving down Stirling Highway on the way to work during peak hour in the morning is not fun.

From about eight o’clock it is chockers between Eric St and Claremont shopping centre… and I mean chockers.

But there is one bright spot on the journey…

Funny sign

It’s an office where the old fire station used to be at the top of the hill just before you start the slow crawl past the two private schools whose mummies and daddies insist on dropping their little darlings off… at least I assume that’s why it is so slow… during holidays time the drive is a breeze.

Every week or so there is a new headline…

Last week was “More Storm damage in Victoria” referring of course to the Melbourne Storm rugby league team salary cap fiasco, and before that “All batts are off” referring to the Peter Garrett home insulation embarrassment.

I can’t wait for them to change the signs and I was rewarded with my patience on Saturday when I drove past and saw their comment on the Troy Buswell/Adele Carles affair.