When an old dress is new again

Me in a dress I haven't been able to fit in for years.  It's black, skin tight and has red stripes highlighting the bust area - it makes my waist look small and my boobs big.  That's why I like it.

I’m wearing a dress to work today which is one I picked up at the Bindaring Red Cross Sale three or four years ago.

I haven’t been able to fit into it for a couple of years but tried it on the other night and yay – it fits!

And boy have I been getting comments today.

Loving that.

I guess the boobage would have something to do with it and the fact that I have my dominatrix boots on…

For me it’s also about success in losing the 6 kilos necessary to squeeze back into it.

I’m getting my wardrobe back!

6 Replies to “When an old dress is new again”

  1. And looking good! Well done!

    I’ve got about 10-15kg to go myself, and can’t wait to fit back in to old clothes… and then chuck them all out, because last time I was my ideal size I was only 19 (but it was only 7 years ago!) and I don’t think there’s anything from seven years ago that I’d actually want to wear! I guess I just want to know that the clothes fit again.

  2. You do look great.
    I’ve lost 5kgs myself and am able to wear jeans that I haven’t been able to do up for two years. At work I have to keep hitching up my pants even though I put a little elastic in the waist. Time to get out the sewing machine….

  3. God I wish I had the willpower to lose 6 kilos. Fabulous and well done. It must be such a great feeling to fit in to much loved clothes. Dress looks fab.

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