You may as well tell me…

I’ll just look it up on Google if you don’t…

Picture of Dippity with her hand under her chin looking thoughtful.

So said my daughter last night. My 12 year old.

Groover and I were talking about this low carb diet that we’re on.

Apparently one of the known side-effects is an increase in libido.

There’s even been a book written about it.

(men around the world suddenly start advocating the benefits of a low carb diet to their wives – less weight – more sex)

Anyway we’re talking obliquely about this in the way that you do around children and Dippity picks out the word “libido”.

What’s libido?


Tell me.  I’ll just look it up if you don’t… and I don’t really want to see the pictures…

Good point.

Remember in the olden days when we as children looked up words (if we could spell them) in a dictionary.

You remember – they were big thick books with words in lists.

It’s a different world my friend.

We chose to tell her what libido meant.

And gone are the days when we could spell out words to hide the meaning from our kids.

They were good days…

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