Blowing in the wind

Albany Windfarm

On a recent trip to Albany I went down to the windfarm – about ten minutes out of town or so – to check it out.

The turbines are impressively big.

The whooshing noise they make impressively loud.

And the cliffs reminded me of the Cliffs of Moher. Vaguely.

There are lots of fun stats about the speed of the tip of the blades – which are as big as a jumbo jet’s wing – but what I can tell you is that they move faster than they look from a distance.

Worth a visit if you’re down that way.

Albany Windfarm

Albany Windfarm

6 Replies to “Blowing in the wind”

  1. Is the building of wind farms controversial?

    We have a few around us in the Scottish Borders but there is always a public enquiry, lots of opposition groups saying that they are needed just not here, when it comes to building more. However they do tend to be more inland than this one.

  2. Had a discussion tonight about the visual pollution that wind farms bring… (as opposed to hydro which is the main source of power here) I likened it to modern art – some people like it others don’t… Apparently though they advised me that windfarms aren’t viable here because the winds are too gusty and strong. Need to research this more me thinks.

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