Why I love gmail video chat

I was a bit grumpy the other day at work.

I had just discovered Skype (I know I know… slow adopter) and wanted to get it on my work laptop so that I could communicate with my near and dear while spending weeks on the road and also because I can see it would be a useful tool for my work.

Anyway IT were a bit wary and fair enough, it’s their network.

As luck would have it I was given a webcam and headset and a nifty little set it is too as this laptop is a pretty basic model.

So the other night I plugged it all in and decided to try gmail video chat.

And guess what?

It actually worked!

And it was easy, and I didn’t need a special program.

Okay the quality isn’t as good as Skype but it’s good enough and I’m stoked.

So Google – thank you. 

You have met my needs once again and I’m not above given credit where credit is due.

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  1. Tempted to use this myself… will test it in Karratha (or Hedland!)

    I’ll give that one a go and see how it is…
    Hope you;re having fun too! Looked like it in Broome… Cheers 😉

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