Weekend in Esperance

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I’m in Esperance.

Esperance is on the south coast of Western Australia – south of Kalgoorlie. 

It is a long way from anyone and not really on the way to anywhere.


It. Is. Beautiful.

People who visit Esperance will tell you how stunning and unspoilt the beaches are.

You’ll hear about Twilight and Salmon beaches and maybe you’ll even hear about Lucky and Hellfire.

They will tell of snow white sand, so fine it feels like cornflour between your toes.

They will tell you of turquoise waters as clear as glass.

Of granite rocks that slope into the sea.

But they will not be able to do justice to the natural beauty of the Bay of Isles.

It is simply magnificent.

And the best bit?

The beaches are deserted.

I’m lucky.


Work brings me to Esperance and I have managed to work in a bridge congress over the weekend.

When I got here on Friday I must admit to questioning why I came to the congress.

What was I doing in a room full of strangers – all except two more than ten years older than me??

But once we started playing cards and partying at night I soon got into the swing of it.

We all stayed in the one house – well 13 of us did – and we had a great weekend.

More alcohol than was strictly good for us, great food, convivial company and then early morning walks to bring some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted back for breakfast.

(Coffee Cat – in the red van near the jetty)

One morning I even spied the resident seal, under the jetty.

Sammy the Seal

Did I play well?

Did I win any money?


I had fun though I missed Groover’s debut at Theatresports – apparently he rocked!

After the congress finished I caught up with my work colleague who has kindly put me up and we drove out to Cape Le Grand National Park.

Hellfire Beach, Esperance

OMG the beaches!

The sand is so fine and compacted it is like concrete.

In some places where it is softer – it flies around your feet like talcum powder.

The water is oh so cold but as clear as clear can be.

It was windy.

Hellfire Beach, Esperance

My colleague drives a little Daiwoo which she says “runs on the smell of an oily rag”, which I thought was lucky as there we were 70k from Esperance with the fuel tank on empty.

A light will go on when you are really running out won’t it?

Oh yes she says but don’t worry…

So on the way to dinner tonight we run out of fuel and you would have seen me with three or four hefty gals and guys of Esperance pushing said Daiwoo up the hill to the petrol station.

LOL – an interesting end to a long weekend.

I’m in Esperance one more day so tomorrow we’re going to check out the famous Loose Goose restaurant, then Wednesday I’m on a bus to Kalgoorlie!

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  1. Corn flour is right – they’re are some of the best beaches in the world I reckon… shame it’s so bloody cold down there! 😉

    Daiwoo – the blurry things – you know you can’t trust ’em – Haha!

    Glad to hear it was a good run – hope Kal is going well too… say G’day to all them desert mob there for me will ya 😉

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