3 Replies to “Is it my imagination”

  1. Nup – no imagination needed there CB – none at all!

    Definitely – run for the hills – buy Groover a shotgun and a lot of spare cartridges (duck shot will do nicely cos we can’t shoot ducks here in WA so there’s a lot of it just sitting around lol).

    Build a 15 foot concrete wall – 3 feet thick and whack dirty great spotlights on it. Dig in watchtowers – drape everything with barbed-wire and good quality insulators and pump 30 000 volts through it…

    Panic now… because there’s not a thing either of you can do about it anyway!

    *sighhhhhhhh* 😉

    Seriously – I reckon you and your little family, are going to be just fine! Worried – but fine! 🙂

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