Drunk on life

This last couple of weeks I’ve realised something profound.


Well… profound for me. 🙂

I’ve realised that I’ve made a mental shift from last year.

This year, I’m saying yes to life.

But more than that, for once in my life I feel as if I can set goals and make them happen.

Sure they are not huge goals, but last year at my lowest ebb, I could not even work out what I wanted to do, about anything.

It’s me time.

I guess the archeological dig was the first big thing.

I wanted to go on a scientific expedition – to get the feeling I got when I was 16 up in the Kimberley canoeing down crocodile infested rivers.

Yes that meant leaving my family for a week.

Imagine that.

Going away. On a holiday. Without my family.


It was so empowering to do something just for myself.

Not a business trip. Not a family trip. No obligations to anyone except me.

I felt like I was back at Uni again.

Second – I booked Groover and I into Theatresports workshops (and performances).

I’ve always enjoyed drama but again haven’t done any since Uni.

It is so much fun. I can only think I’m an idiot not to explore this before.


Third, at work I have realised that what gives me the most job satisfaction and why I have always wanted the job I have now to the metro equivalent is I love being out and about in Western Australia.

I love the landscapes – so different from one end to the next.

I love the people.

I love taking photographs and sharing them online.

I love driving.

The other day driving back from Geraldton, listening to Mumford and Sons (my latest obsession) practically all the way back, it felt so good to be behind the wheel, in charge of my own destiny, winding my way through the coastal heath.

Four and a half hours flew by.

I didn’t stop once.

(Btw – that was four complete run-throughs of the CD plus many repeats of my favourite bits… ah but that is for another post… don’t want to bore you completely.)

I think you can see it in my face.

I feel like I am shining out of every pore.

I am in love with my life.

And I have so much energy.

Look at me.

Here at 6am on a Sunday morning blogging!

What’s up with that?

I feel fantastic and I can only hope that people around me can soak some of that up.

Hmm reading that back it sounds a bit manic.

I promise you I’m not a manic depressive.

Just drunk on life.

Which is a lot better than being hungover.

Oh I must tell you about last night before I leave you today.

Groover and I went out with some friends to the Oxford Hotel – nice makeover by the way guys.

Getting ready I was quietly going mental – all my clothes seemed so old and the girls going along were half my age.

In fact add their ages together and you get my age.


Anyway I pulled out an old but transparent top and wore my red bra underneath.

Yes a little bit racy but what’s the point of being slightly overweight and having a kick arse cleavage if you don’t take it out for a spin now and again?

Anyway long story short – I felt great – and even better when I heard the (was it surprise?) in one of the guys’ voice – You look hot tonight!

Yeah I did.

Take that young 20 somethings!

But maybe that was my “yes” light shining through.

I feel… dangerous.

Watch out.

6 Replies to “Drunk on life”

  1. Very very awesome 😀 You remind me of me, writing this, I often feel/say I’m drunk on life 😀 I’m back in Freo now, but am up early and want to go up for a walk to the War Memorial nearby (blue skies here) and also blog my Laos trip (I’m about 2 months behind on my blog :/ )
    And so many plans.

    Anyway, loving your photos and stories, I also love landscapes, driving and sharing my photos. I’m heading ‘down south’ tomorrow for a week, yay!

    😀 🙂

  2. ‘Funny’ thing… have had a little moment much like this myself – a realisation that this is my year – look out (but I’m just NOT going to be able to pull off a racy look like you CB – you’re gonna leave me behind with that one haha). I don’t know quite what’s kicked in… but I definitely felt the gear kick in – the ‘clunk’ as whatever it was – actually engaged.

    Maybe it was imply a very big penny… hmmmm 😉

    And that Simone was the first to respond to this… nothing lost there – their should be enough residual ‘energy’ bouncing aobut inside of you S, to power a small city for some time to come 🙂

    Something in the water perhaps…?

  3. I think besides your cleavage the you look hot comment was largely due to your being drunk on life. People notice happy people and you must be exuding it at present.

  4. Your post doesn’t sound at all manic to me. You sound excited and inspired, in general, just high on life and loving it. Which is as it should be. Go you!!

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