A new year

I can’t say I’m sorry to be saying goodbye to the naughties.

Last year in particular was a bit grim and if I’m honest I’m quite looking forward to putting it behind me.

I’ve started the year off by “doing” the colon cleansing kit Mum gave me for Christmas last year.

Yes, it’s taken me a year to work myself up to it, and I possibly wouldn’t have gone there had I not felt really sick last Tuesday.

So sick I cancelled bridge.

That sick.

You see on this regime you have to cut back your food gradually for three days before embarking on a five day liquid only diet, and I could never seem to cut back!

But because I felt too ill to eat I naturally ate less – it just seemed that I should continue on.

Now it is day three of the liquid diet thing and I find it is not too bad.

I’m not hungry, I am however always thirsty which is odd because I am always drinking water.

On this regime you have five packets of toxin absorber a day mixed with apple juice.

The absorber is a fine clay like powder tasting mainly of dried ginger root. 😛

It bulks up in your stomach to make you feel full.

They also recommend enemas and colonics but I am not going there.

I feel as if I’m not just cleansing my colon but my life, getting rid of the shit and the negativity of last year ready for the new.

2010 is going to be shit free.

Well not literally but you know what I mean.

Tomorrow I go back to work.

This year I’ve given up my carpark and will commute by train.

I’ve made a vegie patch to grow some of our own produce.

In fact perhaps the virgin soil of my garden bed is 2010 waiting for me to plant some seedlings…

(or maybe it’s just a big box of dirt)

I’m planning to join a gym.

And I have my archeological field trip to look forward to at the end of the month.

But right now… excuse me.

The water closet calls.

5 Replies to “A new year”

  1. Some years are just plain crappy. At the end of one particularly terrible year my wife & I sat at a bay on Rottnest Island & metaphorically threw the whole year into the ocean!

    Hope 2010 is kinder to you – always enjoy your blog – it’s got a freshness about it

  2. Last year certainly was one to forget. I’m doing a cleansing of my own here, but less drastically. I’ve cut out several food types in favour of more fruit and veg. It’s been three weeks so far and I’m desperately craving a danish pastry…..

  3. good on you lady S! I would reccomend going the whole hog. colonics not nearly as gross or scary as it sounds and if you’ve done this much … give me a ring i know someone who has a clinic … 🙂

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