What is a kibitzer?


For the first time EVER in all the years I’ve gone to quiz nights.

There has been a question about bridge.

And I knew the answer.

And we came second overall.

No.  It wasn’t one answer that got us second place but gee it sure felt good.

Thanks for inviting us Feline… 🙂

But here’s a weird thing…

Today looking at my Twitter feed I noticed that hazelblackberry was at the same quiz nite!  (her blog)

It makes me wonder how often that happens…

Can’t be that often I wouldn’t have thought.

When two worlds collide eh?

Perth is a small place.

7 Replies to “What is a kibitzer?”

  1. I started going to a regular drum n bass night at the Rosemount Hotel about three years ago, and the first night I was there, someone came up to me and said “Oh, you’re the girl with the blog!”.

    This person didn’t know any of my friends, so hadn’t heard about it through anyone (and at that stage, very few real life friends knew about the blog anyway).

    It was awesome and creepy all at once. I always wonder how many times I’ve passed readers/people whose blogs I read in the streets, but not known.

  2. HBB – LOL – I was so excited. Pathetically so. Did you see me guts down two bowls of curry too? Well… I shared the second one.

    Erin – Awesome and creepy hits the nail on the head. But it’s kind of special too. I sometimes get people recognising me from work or at least I think that’s where they recognise me from but maybe they read my blog? Maybe I’ll need to ask that question too when they say “now where do I know you from…”

  3. i spy with my little eye, something beginning with …”B”!
    there! over there! a blogger!

    this feels something like a mystery novel, am dying to know how this unfolds, how DOES HBB recognise the Lady Sultana?? Who IS HBB when she is at home (quiz nights)

    And, importantly, was HBB on winning table, if so shall we recruit her for our nxt quiz night!

  4. Cellobella, there are actually a few other bloggers out there that I would love to meet in person, but I think if I ever saw anyone I would feel a bit too random going up to say hi. Especially at a pub, with only about 40 other people there. It just seems a biiiiiit too creepy imo 😛

  5. It’s a bizarre thing – I remember how cool it was when I realised that I’d been at the Geraldton airport at the same time as Cellobella! And to have CB come and say Gudday at my workplace – well – it was like having a celebrity in the room lol!

    There’s just something about this blogging lark eh – and I can tell you there’s still quite a few more of you I’d like to meet and have a yarn with 😉

    I know what a ‘bitzer’ is CB but in Bridge – buggered if I know!

    Cheers 🙂

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