Everlasting moment


After two days of foul, cold, nasty weather, today the sky was blue and I could venture out to get my lunch.

You don’t often see everlastings in the city – sure if you go up to Kings Park you will but not on the city streets.

These lovelies have been planted under the trees along Royal St.

I love everlastings – they’re so positive and so West Australian.

They feel like home.

Everlasting Everlasting Everlasting

4 Replies to “Everlasting moment”

  1. I remember the seventies where at Tupperware parties we ahd to go around the group introducing ourselves with a flower that had the same initial. “Hi, I’m E….and I’m an Everlasting Daisy”. It was the only thing I knew of that started with E.

  2. I am a bit obsessed with everlastings at the moment. I agree … they are so WA and so cheerful. Plotting another trip to Kings Park to get another dose, but I think the family will see through it.

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