Lemon Squeezy


I played at WABC with P last Wednesday night.  It’s a good session – 16 tables.  We came third.

3% is ALL mine.

We safely got to a 6S contract and of course I “rescue” my partner into a very unsafe 6NT because we haven’t played together much and I’m not sure he knows my system (of course he did).

I learned my lesson.

This hand is one we discussed after the session til they kicked us out.

At the table our opposition were in 3NT, which they just made.  Partner led the QD.

But Deep Finesse reckons you can make 6C.

Looking at the hand you are going to lose a D and the QC so how do you avoid the Diamond loser?

The answer, we eventually worked out, was to not touch clubs.

Win the AD and ruff a spade in dummy.

Play the AKQ hearts, discarding diamonds in hand and then ruff a heart.

E will probably go up with the 8C, so you win with the King.

Ruff another spade, and another heart.

Then play Ace of spades.

And the ten of spades.


West at this point is sitting with three clubs and a diamond.

If West discards a diamond or trumps low – you are home. Win the spade with a trump in dummy, cash the Ace and exit with the Queen of Spades.

If West trumps high, throw the diamond.

It shouldn’t have taken me so long to work out… luckily I wasn’t playing it at the table!

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