My blogjo is back

Some people think and therefore blog.

Others blog and therefore think.

But I need a photo.

Without a camera – my blog mojo evaporates.


Groover – smart fellow – realised this – and even though it was me who lost his camera, went out and bought me a Canon Ixy*.


Ooooh it’s a fabulous camera…

HD video, wide screen, fantastic features… I love it!

Oh yeah…

And I love him.


*Interestingly Canon see fit to call this camera different things around the world… on the manual it also says Powershot SD960IS and Ixus 110IS.

2 Replies to “My blogjo is back”

  1. Lovin the new camera. I blog most days, but I just have to have a photograph to illustrate, because if there’s no pic, there’s not a post, if you know what I mean.

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