Tick in a box

justine kelly
So this next podcast is all about encounters with ticks.

The good thing about ticks in Australia is that they don’t tend to have Lyme disease… which is a big problem in places like Connecticut.

But they are still gross and disgusting to discover on one’s person.

In this episode, Justine tells us her story.

It had me in stitches.

Click here: Tick in a Box

But luckily not her – she survived.

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2 Replies to “Tick in a box”

  1. THAT was hilarious. and that fly buzzing around and the ticks legs wriggling and glistening (yuck!) … hysterical.
    At least now we know justine is a real blonde because how else would she have spotted that bit of seaweed without her glasses on?
    Very funny stuff

  2. hu larious!! i loved this story!! the comment about this is the only time my mum will see my partners face so close to my bush was funny funny. and i loved the way the story came together! so justine is squatting in the bush chekcing out greg’s tick on his leg when a tick spies another bush to make a home in! i would have blood curdle screamed too!

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