Better days in Bunbury

The Lord Forrest Hotel has seen them.


I’m in Bunbury for a meeting or several.  It’s a fairly quick drive from Perth.  About two hours and when the bypass gets completed even quicker.

I was thinking about staying down in Dunsborough but the extra hour is a killer, especially after a full day at work.

So I’m ensconsed in the Lord Forrest.

And the bedspreads have that eighties feel.

There’s a slight sag to the bed.

Outside the wind whistles past my window – with apparently an ocean view – it’s a windy night in our southern city.

In the foyer, the hanging gardens of Babylon and a swimming pool.



Now I know the quality of the photos isn’t up to my usual standard.  I took them with my phone.   But appreciate the lengths I went to get them.

I’m lying on the saggy bed blogging this, watching Lateline, and I think, you know what?  We need a photo of the foyer!

But I’ve taken off my jeans and really I can’t be bothered putting them back on so I poke my head out of the door, carefully remembering to take my key.

Yes a key!  No electronic swipy thing for the Lord.

I can’t see anyone, although I can hear some blokey types doing that loud farewell thing blokes do when they’re on some kind of work thing and have a couple of drinks at the bar.

I sneak out in my undies and tee-shirt and snap a couple of photos.

Nothing happened.

I didn’t get caught.  Although there was a little moment when I couldn’t get the key out of the lock when I got back into my room.

I just wanted to let you know how important you are that I would risk discovery in my smalls.  (that aren’t that small by the way)

At least I wasn’t wearing my ENORMOUS scaffolding knickers.

Oh come on… everyone has a pair of those!

Don’t they?

5 Replies to “Better days in Bunbury”

  1. Yes, we certainly do. I love that: ‘scaffolding knickers’! When I was a child, living in the southwest, the Lord Forrest seemed majestic and glamorous. It’s strange now to see it as a tired.

  2. I would never risk getting caught in my smalls. Never.
    My smalls aren’t so small anyway. I wear the full size nanna pants.
    They’re so comfy. Really. Yes! REALLY!

  3. The older I get the more scaffolding required for me I’m afraid.

    Yes, I remember when the Lord Forrest was brand spanking new and the hanging gardens were a local marvel. Looks like it’s really due for an update.

  4. Yes, everyone has at least one pair of “those” undies for days when we feel like crap. Thank you for risking exposure to get the photos, I hope your next hotel stay has a better bed, ick :s

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