White sheets and small shampoo bottles

No surprises with the title of this post that you find your correspondent ensconsed in a hotel room.

In Canberra.  The bush capital.

So much a bush capital that I spied a dead kangaroo on one of the medium strips on the way in from the airport.  It looked odd on the lush green lawn of the strip, I’m more used to seeing them on the soft gravel edge of a country highway.

I wonder if they’ll clear it away before the dawn breaks…

I haven’t spent a lot of time in Canberra.

Are there shops?

I assume there must be but I didn’t see anything but office blocks on the way to the hotel.

There’s not a lot of neon in Canberra.

The hotel room is very nice.  The sheets are crisp and white.  The bed – king-sized – is on a raised dais.  I feel as if I’m on the set of a porn film.

A very beige porn film with a contrasting throw over the foot of the bed.

And that’s appropriate as Canberra is the porn capital of Australia as well isn’t it.

It’s hard to imagine frankly.

Apart from the raised dais and the king-sized bed, the neat streets, dead kangaroos notwithstanding, seem an unlikely location for vice.

I’m here for two days.  Any suggestions for fun things to do?  Places to shop?

Not porn, though, thanks.

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  1. Cellobella – I am famous among my friends for always raving about Canberra – I love it, and can’t stop talking about it to anyone who cares to listen. I feel my job on this earth is to minimise the amount of people that diss canberra – especially those who have never been!

    So what to do? Well, depends on where you are and how you can get around but the things I would reccommend…

    Canberra Glassworks – head here to watch some amazing artists do their thing. There is also a gallery and shop with some awesome goodies to drool over. Next you can head to Silo in Kingston for the best food and coffee in Canberra. A stroll around some of the shops will have you enter worlds of books, cooking, fashion, shoes and much more. You can skip over to Manuka and look at those shops if you are still after more. (For your *standard* shops nothing beats Civic – the city – filled with every shop you can name and more, they are just smaller than capital city shops).

    Dinner? Why not try the degustation menu at the Parlour Wine Room on the Acton pennisula – A groovy little tapas bar that offers the most scrumptious food, cocktails and wine. Check out the interior of this place – it is just greatl.

    Then you have your choice of touristy destinations – fancy a tour through parliment house? free. Want to go to the Art Gallery? Free, National Museum of Australia? Free. War Memorial – hmmm you heard me, Free. Take you pick, give youself at least two hours and get immersed in some knowledge. My personal fave? The portrait gallery – and yep, Free.

    Have a car? I suggest you ride out to Poaches Pantry just past Hall (probably 30 mins away) for some delicious smoked food. They also have a wine cellar and while its nothing on scale of your wonderful WA produce, it does very well.

    So thats my pick for a mid-week tour through Canberra. Enjoy your visit!

  2. I was in Canberra a couple of years ago for work (although only for two nights) and we stayed at The York in Kingston. Lots of funky little cafes and some good night spots, but not a very big area (from memory).

    Do you have a hire car? We drove around and looked at the embassies and the homes of some of the ambassadors, which was pretty cool. We also visited Parliament House, but that was for work purposes.

    http://www.visitcanberra.com.au mentions the best spots for shopping and has an events guide with listings up until May. Have fun!

  3. The museums are pretty good from memory – saw a great exhibition in the national library last time I was there. Highly recommend the Wig and Pen pub too.

  4. Depends where you are. Kingston and Manuka are what qualify as funky in Canberra. Haven’t been to the Canberra Centre in Civic but apparently there’s lots to buy there.

    Frankly, I’d be checking out the Parliamentary Triangle rather than shopping. Perhaps hire a bike and ride around the Lake.

  5. Thank you for all your suggestions.
    The hotel I’m staying at is very close to Manuka so I strolled down there for coffee this morning and ended up with a Sasha Drake dress to wear to tonight’s function (at Parly House).
    Then I headed over to the national portrait gallery where our conference is. Brilliant paintings… just brilliant.
    I’m keen to see the War Memorial and I’d quite like to explore the film and sound archive but with one afternoon to play with I might have to leave it for another day.
    Hmm the glassworks… very tempting…

  6. If I knew you were comin’ I’d have baked a cake…

    Glad you saw the Portrait Gallery. That’s a must-see. You’ve arrived in time for some glorious weather, and a walk around the Lake is a pleasure and a nice way to see the city at its best. This time of the year is gorgeous, esp with all the leaves turning.

    Thanks to all the lovely commenters above that said such nice things about my home town 🙂


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