Avon Adventure

The Toodyay Memorial Hall

One of the things I learned on a trip to Bath in the UK was that “avon” is the Celtic word for “river”.

Thus when the Romans asked the ancient Britons what that river was called – they called it the Avon.

This is why there are so many Avon Rivers in the United Kingdom and why we have one in our ex-British colony of Western Australia.

It amuses me to think of it.

I had cause the other weekend as I travelled to Toodyay for the annual Avon Valley Bridge Congress with Arty.

It was perfect Sunday drive weather and the scenary – dry and brown – flew by as we sipped our take-away coffees and caught up on ten years of gossip.

There is nothing like bridge gossip.  

The bridge world is rather small.

We had a lovely day.

We spent money in the shops, made the final, and enjoyed a delicious Polish meal on return to Perth.

Toodyay Pioneer

The Freemason's Hotel, Toodyay

Toodyay Shops

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  1. Like Lightening, I saw the head line and thought you’d taken up selling cosmetics.
    The buildings there are very pretty, even the store signs are pretty. I must get over to WA one day and have a look around. Maybe once I retire.

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