A working boy


My boy started work at Red Rooster last night.  I am so proud of him.

I can’t remember being so industrious when I was 14- all those years ago.

Yesterday he got up at 6am to finish his paper round before school started at 8am.  After a full day at school he arrived home on the train at 3.30pm, in time for a quick snack before showing up on time at work at 4pm.  I picked him up at 10pm, after a six hour shift.

Of course I couldn’t resist going in to buy chicken.

I arrived at peak hour – about 7pm – and there was a huge queue going through the drive through.  Inside, the queue reached the door.

Hugamuga was behind the till – looking very serious – concentrating very hard on getting the money right.

He was on his own!

No Trainee badge.

Occasionally both of his hands would touch his head but he was keeping it together – people were getting their food and paying their money.

I asked for a whole chicken.  This was good I found out because it is on the quick-list. 🙂

I got my chicken, I left.

My heart was full.

He’s  very loyal our boy.  He got the job with Red Rooster first so even though he hadn’t started, when Coles rang, offering him a better paid gig with better hours, he said he had committed to another employer already.

I think I have raised a better person than myself.

I did exactly the opposite when I got the job with my current employer. 

The day they rang I was supposed to be heading down to Katanning to find accommodation for a job with the Department of Agriculture as an advisor.  The farmers down there definitely dodged a bullet!

I wonder how my life would have turned out if I had accepted the Katanning gig?

Maybe I would have married a farmer.

Although, I would have still been at that nightclub in Fremantle that fateful night back in 1990… so maybe not.

But enough about me.

Today I get to be a proud mother. 

Go Hugamuga!


10 Replies to “A working boy”

  1. Wow, that is a long day for your son! But, I did the same thing when I was about that age.

    I worked in Katanning for about 18 months after I graduated uni and had a great time, but you definitely have to be able to make your own fun down that way.

  2. Good on him, and good on you for raising a boy with integrity. I’ve got my son’s first job lined up so we can afford to buy him the food that he will need as a teenager.

  3. Katanning? Wrong side of the Albany highway. You do understand that don’t you? That there’s a right side, and a wrong side. Trouble is my brothers and I all married people from the wrong side.

    We Great Southerners are fickle, and shallow.

    Oh, and congratulations to Hugamuga. My best effort at a similar age was to not.show.up for a Coles interview.

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