Escape to Dunsborough

I’m in Dunsborough. Limited internet access but I confess even more limited enthusiasm for blogging, for anything technical really.

I’ve been reading, staring at the view, popping down to the beach for a dip, eating and doing sudoku… a lot of sudoku.

I’m here with Dippity, and I’ve discovered the way to Dippity’s contentment is finding her a good book, or at least, a book she’s prepared to read.

I found Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield in the bookcase.  A copy from my childhood.  It was a lovely story when it was written in 1936 and still is. 

Dipp devoured it in a couple of hours.

She is now reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, it will make do she says until we get back to Perth and she can read her brother’s copy of Eldest.

We’re staying with my Dad and had invited some other friends to join us for a few days.   On one of those days we went on a trail ride through the national park.  On horseback.

I thought I’d escaped lightly the next day but three days later the strain on my thighs is evident.

I wonder how the horse is bearing up.

I’m also using this time away from my coffee machine to prepare myself for The Colon Cleansing Kit I received for Christmas.

It’s my third day without coffee (although I’m getting some caffeine from black tea).  The headaches have passed and I’m ready to transfer to green tea – or I will be when I get back.

Last night we went to a new Indian restaurant in Dunsborough.  It seems an odd cuisine for the South West – I don’t know why but I tend to think of fusion-cafe style food as more the go here.

The Indigo Pearl however is excellent and worth a try if you’re staying down south.   I recommend the India Plate for starters.   It’s in the old Bay Cottage Restaurant if you know Dunsborough at all and has been in operation since August.

Right.  Dad’s in his bathers and my little window of blogging opportunity is closing.  It’s time for a dip down at Little Meelup.

Tomorrow we’re visiting my cousin’s farm to witness preg-testing the cattle on our way back home where normal service to this occasional missive will no doubt be restored.

See ya.

2 Replies to “Escape to Dunsborough”

  1. With views like that, I’m not surprised that you’re not blogging.
    i remember Ballet Shoes very well. I read it so many times the librarian at the time jokingly said she should give it to me. Ditto his other book, White Boots. I first discovered these when I was about nine and went back to them many , many times in between other books. I think I was about 24 when I read it last. Enjoy your holiday.

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