A rose by any other name

At the airport a couple of weeks ago I was sharing a table at the cafe with a rather good looking chap who was on his way to Cloudbreak.

Cloudbreak, I thought, doesn’t that sound like a lovely destination…

Well it is, if you like mining operations.

I guess calling it “big pile of red dirt” isn’t quite the same.

6 Replies to “A rose by any other name”

  1. Was about to say – that’d be up near Wittenoom wouldn’t it?!

    That’d be ‘Fortescue Mining mob’ country – where they only speak about trains (and how to access one – although it seems that ‘little’ problems almost been sorted out eh?!), and ppe (personal protective gear for you mob not in the know) 😉

    Never been there… won’t surpirse me if I do though… I think this coming year’s going to see me doing quite a bit of time in that part of the WA countryside… best I dust me boots off!


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