Thank you America!

The enduring image for me will be two women at my work embracing each other, tears in their eyes, saying to me “finally I can be proud to be American.”

It was a magic moment and I was glad to witness it in my lifetime.

Thank you.

And to give McCain his due – it was the most gracious concession speech I’ve heard in a long time. ¬†Impressive.

It feels like a new world.

And what’s that feeling I’m having… um… haven’t felt it for a while… oh I know…


4 Replies to “Thank you America!”

  1. I’m not sure how you stumbled on my blog, but I’m glad you did because it led me back to yours. I love what I see so far and I can’t wait to read through a bit.

    and GObama! I agree with the feeling of hope.

  2. I’m still getting goosebumps today from last night’s election. It’s such an amazing feeling and I’m so glad Obama won. Had he not, I might have had to move to your neck of the woods… YAY!

  3. This is the first time I’ve been aware of the level of hope within myself for another country, as it chooses a new leader. I think Kevin Rudd got it in one when he said this doesn’t just affect the USA, this affects the whole world (or words to that affect).

    I’m not sure where the world goes to from here, but I’m crossing my fingers and HOPING these new leaders are looking towards its future on the whole (and hence the future of our children, who it truly belongs too), and stop measuring their advancements in our world, by the person who gets to the biggest pile of other people resources – first!

    But that’s a HELL of a lot to hope for…

    Cheers ;–)

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